No one knows

Yesterday the man i have been seeing cum in me in my car. We have been having unprotected for a few weeks but he has pulled out yesterday i was on top of him in the middle of the seat and i knew he was about to cum and i whispered "go ahead" and i kissed him during it. But after he said nothing. Pulled his shorts up and left. I have not had that in years. It was hot as hell and him sqeezing my ass as he cum. Not sure if kissing him was a mistake but i enjoyed the moment.

Jul 29
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LC (family friend)

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    • That's super hot

    • How do you not get worried about HIV? That's a true question because I have always wanted to have sex with a man but worry too much to let it happen.

    • Well i was...but he had a blood test the week before and it was clear. Its not something i do often just with men i trust. He had his tongue in me the weekend before and it was my way to say thank you. We have been having unprotected for a few weeks now.

    • At this point your having unprotected sex but remember that it takes 3 months to know if you have caught HIV so even if he had a negative test result a week before but had unprotected sex with a man a week before that it would come out negative but a month or two later could then come up positive. Just be careful, as men we will lie like crazy to have sex.

    • Hot. Are you married? On birth control?

    • I am birth control needed...i am a guy😊

    • When did you start fooling around with guys

    • Over 18yrs ago.

    • Where do you go to suck cock

    • Usually a bathhouse but i am seeing this one

    • Nice

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