Ex GF asked me to watch

I got a call from my ex GF asking for a favor. She said her new bf had a fantasy about someone watching them have sex. They talked about it and he didn’t know anyone he would trust to watch. My ex said she would trust me to watch and said if that’s what he wanted then I was her choice. They agreed and she called me asking me to watch them have sex. I said I would if I could video them so I could watch again later. I used to take pictures and video of her naked when we were together. She laughed and said some things never change. She agreed and I went to watch and video them. When I got there she answered the door naked. She gave me a hug and said thanks for coming. She introduced me to her new bf who was also naked. He was hung like a horse. I said how do you want to do this? She said just start videoing me like you used to and we will go from there. My ex was never shy in front of the camera. She still had a great body and a freshly shaven pussy. I started videoing and she got on the bed. She played to the camera like she used to. She liked being videoed with legs open and her pretty pussy on display. Her bf got a hard on watching me video her and got into the act. She went down on him and got his horse dick hard. Then he spread her legs and started pushing into her pussy. I watched and videoed as she grimaced a little taking his huge cock. He pumped her for about five minutes and filled her with his cum. She said you have to make me cum too and he went down on her and fingered her until she came too. Afterwards we talked and both seemed happy with their choice in me watching. I got up to leave and they both asked for a copy of the video. I agreed and she walked me to the door. I told her I liked the shaved pussy and reached out and touched her hard nipples. I said I always enjoyed her always hard nipples. She said I remember and laughed. Then she whispered I like this guy but his dick is too big. She said thats one thing she missed about me. She said I fit her better and always enjoyed me inside her. I smiled and said yeah we did have some good times. I laughed, said goodnight and she should call me if she wanted me to watch again. She smiled and said maybe she would. I viewed the video later and noticed one thing that took me by surprise. The whole time he was doing her she was looking at me. Almost like she was saying she liked me watching and hoped I liked watching. We talked about something like this when we were together but never did it. Although I did watch her and a girlfriend do each other and that was pretty hot. I wonder what she was thinking when she was watching me watch her. Someday I will ask her.

Jul 29
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    • I had sex with an ex while her boyfriend watched.
      I got a facebook message from her. We hadn't talked in over a year. She told me her boyfriend wanted to watch her having sex with someone so she picked me.
      She was crazy in the bedroom so I agreed. It was a little awkward at first but after we got started it worked out nice.

    • Yeah my ex has called me and asked me if I would be willing to let her bf watch us. I am a little hesitant to do this but she insists he wants to watch. She said she would shave clean like I like it and said I could do her as many times as I want. She claims her bf wants to watch my cock go deep inside her and wants to watch me suck her nipples. I’m just not sure he wants this as much as she does. I’m still thinking about it.

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