The dirtiest thing I couldn’t resist doing to get off was…

Racing to the bathroom in the middle of the night to find a dirty pair of my mothers panties to smell while spying on her having sex. It was beyond my control and I couldn’t think about anything other than smelling the scent of her panties so I could watch my mom as I licked the taste of her beautiful shaved pussy while watching her wet fingers rub her clit as I jerked off with the taste of my moms juices on my tongue. I still think about her pussy when I’m going down on my wife and she has no idea I like making her cum because I am imagining my tongue deep inside of my mom when she cums.

Jul 30
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So I’m straight but


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    • Moms were supposed to be the ones who teach us sex

    • I did the same thing with my daughters panties. It's wonderful

    • It still drives me wild to look back and remember how my mother was so sexy that even me as her son couldn’t resist the lust that I felt towards the woman that gave birth to me and how hard it would make me cum every time I pressed my face into the streaks of her intoxicating wetness left to be inhaled and tasted by her first born son that secretly entertained an obsession for her to look at me and feel the throbbing of her heart beat as she watches her own son run his tongue from her tight little brown asshole before watching his tongue disappear between her aching lips all the way to her pulsing little bean. The ideas I had about her watching me tongue her pussy as I exposed her for enjoying the way my tongue made her moan my name as I told her how much I loved licking the sloppy wetness that flowed onto my tongue from the meaty deep pink folds of her inner labia. She may have known about my secret hobby and chose not to confront me about it for whatever reason or she has never had a clue that she was always the best lover that spent a lot of time appreciating how I had a mother that had something special about her that even her son couldn’t resist. It’s still a turn on to be so perverted that I appreciate the fact that my best orgasms were the nights I laid in bed across the hall and listened to all the sounds she made as her lover warmed her up with his foreplay that made a young man hold his breath as I prayed that he was across the hall teasing my mothers wet pussy under her panties so they would still be wet for me the next morning when I woke up to sneak them out of her room after spending g most of the night trying not to cum too fast to my mothers moans as I slowly stroked myself with the dirty side of her panties and talked dirty to her for letting a stranger fuck her slutty little holes when I was right under her nose dying to do whatever it took to make her beg and plead for her holes to be filled as her cum gushes on my waiting face.

    • Just remember, as her son, your cock has been inside her more than any other man's... Except maybe your brother!

    • I just want to feel my mothers wet pussy gripping my cock like she’s been wanting me to breed her for as long as I have been dreaming of her bathing my horny little cock in her cum. I hope one day there will be a time for me to show her how important it is to me that she doesn’t have to look very far to find the one to be her best lover ever in a son that only wishes to excite her body and make her heart race again while her lips utter the words I’ve longed to hear her say. “Oh my God, baby. I never had anyone ever make me have such messy orgasms before. I’m so embarrassed that you’re seeing me do it for the first time in my life,. Please don’t be upset with me, I’ve dreamt of this day since your freshman year but I had to try really hard to act like I wasn’t thinking of you as my lover every night before going to sleep. I was so lonely after your father left and my body’s urges grew stronger and stronger while you were growing into the most attractive young man right under this very roof. I’ve fought it for years as you brought different girlfriends to meet me over dinner where I sat calmly filled with jealousy for being so beautiful and young and seeing how easily attracted you were to them. Every time I met these girls, I went to bed thinking of how it would be if I still had a body like them that would entice you even though I’m your mother, I’m not ashamed anymore to admit how long I’ve wanted to do be touched by my son. To be locked beneath your powerful body as my body yearns to feel your dominance over me as my only sons most perfect lover and finally feel my aching pussy throb as I feel your heart beat so deep inside of mommy tight little slutty pussy.

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