Any moms trained their son or daughter to pleasure them sexualy

This is just a fantasy of mine that peaks my quriosity. I heard some mothers have done this and really loved the experience but. Are their moms who have taught their offspring to worship herself. Like through cunnilingus or analingus maybe facesitting suck your nipples, lick your feet. If so are they still performing sexual acts on you, And are you in control. Feel free to share the details.

Jul 27
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    • My mother caught me sniffing the crotch of her satin girdle and jacking off my cock in a pair of her white satin and lace panties. She walked in just as I was shooting my cum soaking the crotch of them.
      I was so embarrassed and she surprised and shocked seeing her thirteen year old son wanking off in her panties. Later she came to me and said she understood I was starting to go through puberty and the my hormones were raging. She took me in her room and she had two drawers full of panties and matching bra’s. The top drawer she said was her newer lingerie and really didn’t want me staining them with my cum. The bottom drawer was older lingerie still very sexy satin and lace panties and bra’s. She said if I had to have a pair please use her older ones. Then she said I’ll make sure I wear the older one at least three times a week just in case you want my scent in them and after I’m done wearing them I’ll put them in the clothes hamper in the bathroom for you. Well everything was going good I was jacking off in her worn panties at least 3 times a week.
      Then she came to me and said she thinks my older sister was on to my jacking off but in her panties so we needed to stop. I was deeply disappointed and she winked at me and don’t worry I’m going to give you some pussy straight from the source.
      So when dad’s at work and my two older sisters are out mom gives me some pussy and I get to cum in her.

    • This is called rape! So no!

    • All mothers should be the sons first. On my 13th birthday my mom educated me on how to please a woman. This continued for 90 days and we never did it again. But those 90 days were remarkable

    • Wow! She turned you into a young man at an early age. I bet you have made many young ladies feel very special with all that experience

      You have an amazing mother

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