Professor gone native

Our anthropology ptogessor is about 40. When she was in her 20s she lived with an Amazonian tribe. She showed us pictures and videos of her time with the tribe. It is so sexy seeing her nude. She lived with them for five years so some of the videos show her pussy.

She took about 6 of us to her house to show the sex rituals of the tribe as part of our class. The videos are of her having sex with various members of the tribe. There is even a creampie shot. She had group sex with 5 or six guys while high and then, her boyfriend, zoomed in on her red swollen cum covered pussy and tallked to her about being bred. We were floored. She and a girl in our class discussed this and her having a baby in the jungle.

After we were leaving she approched me and asled of I was rurned on. I told her I was. She stripped and we had sex on the ground in her backyard. I was shocked qhen her bf, the giy from the film came up nd ate her creampie.

Jul 27
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    • Better spelling please. I can't figure out what you were trying to say.

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