Got caught work jerking!

When I was in my early 20's I worked as a mechanic and I was broke with a capital B. I had no computer or internet at home and this was pre-smart phone era. My boss had an older laptop, but we had no internet access. However the car wash next door did have free WiFi. So more often than I want to admit, I would stay late and watch porn on the laptop...however, in order to get a signal, you had to go up to the front shop area. You could find some rather interesting porn of all ages (if ya know what I mean) on Kazaa. Remember Kazaa?!? Anyway, my boss's wife was a community college teacher (professor?) and she worked late most days. She smoked, but tried to hide it from him, so she would come by the shop parking lot after work and smoke a cigarette before heading home. If she saw the front office lights on, she would unlock the door and come in and turn off the lights. She caught me jerking off on more than one occasion, but I guess she never told my boss, or if she did, he never said anything to me about it! She was thin and had a very nice figure for her age (early 50's at the time), but she was NOT attractive at all...definitely a brown bagger. I liked my boss, so I never tried to do anything with her. She walked in one time right after I came, here I am leaned back in the chair, pants unzipped, cock in one hand and a cum covered paper towel in the other hand...there is NO WAY she didn't know what I was doing. She raised three sons, she knew. Ahhh, good times! Then I got my first smart phone and had no need for the old laptop or free WiFi anymore! As a side note, Wendy's offered free Wifi around this time, so one time I went down the street with the laptop to Wendy's and attempted to download (not watch, just download) some porn using their WiFi...and you can't. They have some kind of SafeSearch filter that won't allow you to search for or download any "Adult" stuff.

Jul 27
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