Big secret

My wife works out of town sometimes so I have time to crossdress, I have in secret since the age of 10....anyway home alone for a few days I shaved what little body hair I have and put on a nice sun dress suntan pantyhose purple bra and panties black heels did my makeup. I was so happy!! Just doing some things around the house,I heard a knock at the door...I panicked then heard a voice say I saw you....I know your wife is away I work with her,have some papers to drop off. I had no idea what to do so I went to the door and opened it... He was standing there 6 foot plus big man...he said here is the papers and by the way you look hot! If I didn't know better I'd say you were female. I said thank you, then he says your wife is out of town and you are home alone dressed like this,does she know? I said as feminine as possible no....he says ok do you want her to? No I say...OK he says well then we have something to talk about then... if you would like to keep your secret I need something from you... I said ok....he says a BG and possibly be continued if anyone is interested....

Jul 27
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    • I'd love to get caught but for now it's me and my wife's secret. She makes me up like a sexy slut when out of town though and takes me dancing. We've never taken it past this but I've been groped on the dance floor and asked to be fucked. One guy forced his tongue into my mouth. I protested, but wished it could go further. I hope my wife reads this!!! We just go home and damn near rip each other's clothes off! She also fucks me with her strapon. I don't know why she won't take it further but it's ok. Our secret as Noone knows us ehen we play like this. I try to talk her into glory holes also but it's always a no! She wants me all to herself and I'm ok with this.

      Remember sweetie, you don't have to do anything you don't want. Turn the tables, many men don't want it out that they are bi or gay. By wanting you this way, he is definitely bi or gay! Sort of, you take me down, you're coming down with me. But if you so fuck hum, have fun with it!

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