Never ending Creampies and Cum

Does anyone else love cum so much you fantacise about it? I think about it all the time! I'm a man and it started as my own. I love the taste of my own cum. I've tried others, some are really good, none have been horrible as I read in other stories. My ultimate fantasy would be a never ending like of creampied women to clean up every day! I love eating creampies almost as much as I love giving them. When I run out of creampies for thr day, I want to continue feeding on huge loads of hot cum. I wouldn't have to eat food, all I would need is cumnourishment. Cum is better than water to me! But a thought, could one sustain life on cum alone? Or do you think it'd be like drinking from the ocean and make you sick from drinking a lot of it? Whatever, too bad I can't mail order cum to satisfy my cravings. It's really better straight from the cock or pussy it's shot into. Maybe be a cleanup guy for the next world record bukkake or number of sex partners. 🤔 yummy!

Jul 25
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    • I suck cocks and always swallow the cum, that is my favourite part

    • I am 54 years old and have been eating my own cum since I was 12. Not every time but most of the time.

    • I like eating my own cum

    • Everyone should try it at least once! It should be the new desire like eating ass is now! Cum is way better than shit!

    • I have sucked cock for a mouthful of cum too

    • Careful or you'll end up as a diseased yak.

    • Just a fantasy, never gonna really happen!

    • Not an endless supply anyways. I'll suck a guy's cock I know is clean! No bum dick for this guy!

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