Mutual Teen Teasing

My 16 year old very cute step-daughter has started getting very flirty and it all took a very teasing step further this weekend!

Her cheeky smile started after an accidental (honestly!) feel of her tits! She needed something from on top of her wardrobe and I suggested she get on my shoulders and I'd lift her up. She lost her balance a bit and I threw my hand up to steady her but instead of finding her hand or arm I ended up with a hand full of boob! I didn't immediately let go and she didn't seem to mind at all!

Fast forward to this weekend and she announced she was going up for a shower. I went upstairs shortly after to get something, expecting the bathroom door to be shut, to find it open slightly and just enough to see a little of her gorgeous naked soapy body stood under the streaming shower. I could only see a little but it was enough to get me hard very quickly!

It's the first time I've seen her naked and am hoping she'll do it again! Was it on purpose...? I hope so!

By the time she came back downstairs, I was sat on the sofa wearing loose shorts and was aware that there was a lot on show if I sat a certain way. So I made sure she could see if she stood in front if me...and stand there she did....her eyes and smile making it obvious that she saw.

I think we may have started a secret flashing game between us! ;-)

Jul 24
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preachers daughter turn into exhibitionist & hotwife...


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    • As a woman who had a step dad, I would've loved to let my step dad fuck me and lick my pussy personally

    • How old were you when it started?

    • Most stepdaughters seem to have daddy issues when the natural dad isn't involved. They're very vulnerable and their way of reacting is often sexual. To take advantage of that seems to be applauded on here, but I was faced with the same opportunities multiple times and didn't act them. I wanted to as a man, her little ass, perky tits and slutty ways will make you want her, but you have to show restraint.

    • So true my two both when mums away 11-13 never wear bras or bottoms and even try sitting on me.....sieane13 sat and i grabbed her by the hips and pushed her up and shes like whyyyy and pushed down i was semi chub n she would have felt it beig 6inches she does it alot i cum in my boxers , ive masturbated sniffing both girls undies mostly gstrings and coverd in stains so hot....been their ste dad since 6and 8. ive looked at their internet history and its alot of porn i wanna fuck so bad but resist being 46

    • She wants to fuck you. My ex stepdaughter used to try to get me to fuck her every day. She's got the most pungent pussy and it smells incredible but I somehow resisted. Basically because I used to fuck her hotter mother every day.

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