How To Really Make America Great

America needs to drastically change its laws for the better.

Rape: Capital crime. Execution within 2 weeks of sentencing with iron-clad proof.

Theft: Capital crime. Immediate execution if caught in the act.

Illegal possesion of cocaine in any form, heroine, meth: Capital crime. Execution within 1 week.

Gang tattoos on people: Immediate execution on the spot to send a message that America will no longer tolerate gangs.

It might be tough at first. A lot of good and decent people will lose family and friends. In the long run, this country will be safer and much better.

Jul 23
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    • This is completely ridiculous. Except the gang tattoo part.

    • Attila, is that you?

    • Totally agree, but if it's just petty theft I would go really old school and chop their fucking hands off to let everyone know that that person is a low down, good for nothing thief. +1 for rape being a capital crime. I would have severe prison sentences for drugs on strike #1 and even longer for strike 2, and then strike 3 would be immediate death penalty. And no appeals. I would also make prisons an absolute horror show. These bastards have free food, free gym, free cable TV, free library, free internet access...there is plenty of incentive to WANT to go back. Prison should be absolute fucking torture, so that criminals would straighten up and never want to go back. It should dirt floor, no HVAC, dirt hole outhouses, bread and water only, and 15+ hour hard labor work days, 365 days a year. No breaks.

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