Humiliation Panty Boy!

So, how did this all start??? I began asking my wife what could we do for humiliation sexual tasks as I love being secretive with her. She's had me wear a butt plug in public but that was getting mundane. I found a site with over 200 humiliation tasks and began reading through them with her and asking what when be willing to try. First she saw was wear a maidnoutfit. Then I sort of skipped over the panty idea as I wanted her to think I didn't want this. She was looking over my shoulder and asked, what did you skip? I acted really embarrassed and said, make me wear women's underwear and I also skipped wear women's lingire. She then said so you don't wanna do this. I said, I'd never get away with it and bot really. So she immediately stopped reading and said this it and ordered me a matching panty and bra and God k own what else. She spent like 400 dollars. I was anxious waiting on it to arrive. It finally did and it sat in the box until the weekend. We had some friends over as well some family. We were sitting at the table playing a game and she touched my leg and whispered, now! I looked at her like really? She slipped me a note and said NOW! So I excused myself, went up stairs and opened the package. Inside there was a maid outfit, fishnet stockings, a bra, silk panties, a sexy garter a strapon and other items as well like a flig and ball gag. The note read, I'll make you wear the maid outfit and other items in private but put the vra, garter, stockinfs and panties on under your clothes and come back down. I did as told and came back down as if I had just gone to the bathroom. We continued the game and finally saw everyone out. She made me walk around outside as I told everyone goodbye. We finally made it upstairs and my panties were soaked. She began undressing me and made me pose for some pictures we have locked away in a vault. We fucked like never before and when done she said, sissies eat their cum and made me clean her pussy with ny tongue she had an explosive orgasm and soaked my face with our combined juices. I now have to wear panties to work daily and I'm the cumeater I'm the relationship now. Today I had to go to the ER for shoulder pain and had on some red lace and silk panties on! They gave me a shot but insisted it be in a butt cheek and not my arm. I lowered my pants trying to conceal them, but I'm sure the nurse saw. I left and immediately went home and found my wife laying in bed wearing a strapon. She had my maid outfit layed out with another set of panties and bra to match the pink outfit. I about came right there! She made me come to her and beg to suck her strapon. I wondered thrn what the hell did I get myself into. But she ran with the idea because it was hers. She ended up fuvking my ass, making me cum and suck it off her dick. This all has been so fun and I wonder whats next. I did ask if she had plans on bringing in others as I thought she might have on game day! She said, no thos is our thing! Thank goodness I told her. I just hope the pictures are never leaked!

Jul 20
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    • Fantastic. I keep trying to show my wife that I want her to dominate me like this. If I could just get her to read this post... but I can't get her to share porn sites with me.

    • I love it but I usually have to tell the wife when I'm feeling femy. I will say going to shower where my panties. Then she will go in her bag of panties that dont fit her no more and give me a pair. When I come out the shower she usually in bed with her strap on . I become butter and do whatever she says. By the time she done I'm spent and used.

    • I wear panties and lingerie sometimes underneath my regular clothing

    • I wish I could wear panties in front of my wife

    • Make it her idea! Humiliation is so fun!

    • I have a very tiny penis that goes up inside of me when I am soft and I am probably 2 inches hard. My wife said one day that I would really look good in a pair of panties and she bought me a pair of cheeky panties the kind that my ass cheeks show when I put them on for her she said that I look like a girl because she couldn't even see my dick and that I had an ass like a woman. The next thing I knew I was wearing panties 24/7 and thigh high stockings with lace and pegging my ass with didlos and a strapon. She would bring other men home with her and she would tell them that I was her sissy husband and I had to walk around the house in just my paintes and thigh high stockings and high heels and they would laugh at me asking my wife where was my dick I became a sissy cuckold for her to play with.

    • Mines the same, I can't tuck because it's too small, but it does just go inside most of the time. Mines a little bigger hard though. Wife says how can that grow into that. It's only like 5 inches hard but maybe one and a l half inches soft! Being expired has to be so exhilarating! I've had people maybe see the thong out the back or waste band but never walking around in them. That's so hot, I'd love to do this and be required to service anyone who wished at the party, male or female, or be the cleanup guy at a stingers party. Like, go to xxx room and get yourself cleaned up. Tongue out waiting!

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