What do Post Opp transexuals smell like?

I have a question! What do post-op transexual pussies smell like. I have been with men and T-girls with cocks, but never a post-op t-girl. Most trans men either smell very sweet like sprayed perfume or musty like males down there. Yes I am bi.. get over it. I also love the smell of pussy and wonder if they actually smell like sweet vag small or still musky if not sprayed with perfume. Does it smell like a pussy now? Or still a cock and balls? I have never found a post-op to try and really want too! But if you've been with one, I've gotta know! And yes I love Bud Light still!

Jul 20
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    • I’ve honestly never thought about this. I love trannys but I prefer them to still have the bulge. Interesting conversation.

    • I've never been with a post op trans. I love the cum too much to revert, just curious if it's musky like a cock or sweet pussy smell. I read on this and many smell like shit. Like no shit they use part of their intestines and the smell don't go away for years.

    • I think it depends on the type of procedure. There are different ways of building the vagina. I've read stories where trans women describe horrible odor when intestinal tissue was used. The information is available, search for it.

    • I have read forums. I really just wanna find out first hand, but sparking conversation is why I posted. Sadly only one response. Just curious others experiences.

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