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I've always wondered why the men I've fucked always complimented me on the way my pussy looked a young girl i asked my father why are men so interested in a woman's vagina? he stated it's because it's suppose to look good and smell good always not just every so often that's why most women use perfume .... long ago women smelled so bad they had to hide their stench with perfume because water was not readily available to bathe with... so i asked how is it suppose to look ,,,shave it and wash it nicely and you won't have to worry about anything,,,i shaved that night and presented myself to my father and asked how did it look ... he motioned me to get closer to him and laid me down on the couch and put his mouth on my pussy and we fucked that night it was awesome no complaints whats-o-ever ( i guess I met his approval ) ,,,we've fucked several times without my mothers knowledge but every woman that i see wearing heavy perfume tells me there's an hygiene issue even if they're so called upper class ,,, not shaved not washed not presentable at all now i know that most men i've fucked are married and always have boring wives .....

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  • I have my 15 year old daughter over the weekend. Friday night she was asking me about sex. She is very well developed with firm D-cup tits and a round bubble ass. She suddenly pulled up her t-shirt revealing her bra-less tits to my eyes. "Do you think guys will like these?" my daughter said with a smile.

    I looked at her protruding mounds noticing her round silver dollar sized areolas and nipples like little sausages. "Yes I definitely do," I said proudly. We fucked that night and all weekend. We're going to fuck again right now in the shower before her mom comes to pick her up.

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