Sticky Buns

When growing up my dad was overseas most of the time. He usually would come home either every 90 days and sometimes it would be 6 months. I had two older sisters and one older brother. I was the youngest of four children. My mom was administrative secretary for a very large corporation. She always dressed to the nines. Skirts and dresses with pantyhose was her usual attire.
On weekends my mom always tried to make it a special part of the week.
She is an excellent cook and baker.
On Sunday mornings she would make cinnamon rolls or sticky buns.
On Friday nights was movies and popcorn.
One Friday night it was just mom and I watching movies. My older siblings were out with their friends.
I was twelve at the time and puberty was raging through my soul. I was getting full very hard erections even at the slightest breeze.
My mom made us steaks and baked potatoes with a salad which was excellent. She told me there was a movie she wanted to watch and would I be ok with it. Usually she let us kids pick the movie. I said sure and it was a R rated movie with a lot of sex scenes in it more than she thought. She started to change the channel and I told her it was ok because I knew she had been wanting to see it.
I was painfully erect during the sex scenes hoping my mother didn’t notice.
My mom still was wearing her dress and pantyhose and kept rubbing her lower legs and feet. When the movie was over she said she enjoyed the movie but wished her feet didn’t hurt.
I offered to massage them and she was delighted and said you’re so thoughtful hunny.
I rubbed her feet working my way up her calf of her legs. I was enjoying the feeling of her silky pantyhose encased legs.
She said that she was ready to get comfortable would I rub her legs after she changed. I of course said yes. A few minutes later she called me to her bedroom and said that she was ready. I went in and she was wearing one of her beige nightgowns mid length with lace trim and bra cups nothing revealing but pretty.
I began rubbing her feet and legs and she turned on the tv and said get comfortable and watch some tv with me. So I scooted up her back turned to me and I was rubbing her shoulders and back once again enjoying the silky feeling of her night gown. As I rubbed her gown slowly crawling up her back I got a glimpse of her white satin and lace panties. She went to sleep as I was rubbing her and getting a very good view of her nice plump ass covered in sexy panties. I got braver and pulled my raging boner out of my shorts and started rubbing it against her ass. It felt so good every once in a while I would slide my dick between her thighs feeling the warmth of her crotch. I got a little carried away and the thing I knew I was shooting my cum all over her panties. Her eyes opened and her hand went straight to her ass to discover my cum all over her ass. She said oh my son you need to go get cleaned up and go to bed and I’m going to do the same. She wasn’t mad just shocked and surprised and I was scared shitless.
Saturday morning came mom was in the kitchen cooking breakfast hollering at us kids to get up and eat so we could get ready for the day.
I came down stairs sheepishly and nervous and mom looked at me and smiled rubbed the top of my head and said did you sleep well Sweetie you should have. Everybody ate breakfast and went to get dressed for the day. Mom asked if I would stay and help her with the dishes.
As I was rinsing the dishes and she was loading the dishwasher she said hunny you made a big mess on my butt last night. I said sorry mom. She said hey it’s ok let’s just keep it between us ok and I said yes mam.
We finished dishes and went about our day. That night my brother and sisters left again and it was just mom and me again.
We were watching tv and she said she was going to get ready for bed.
I continued watching tv but my mind kept wandering to the previous night.
Mom came in the living room wearing a robe and sat on the couch and said sweetie come sit with me.
So I sat with her kind of nervous and she started talking. Telling me how at times she feels really lonely because my dad gone all the time. She said I know he’s having sex with other women I not naive a man has sexual needs, but so does a woman. I was turning red and she said I’m sorry I’m babbling about this. I said it’s ok mom. She well on a more fun note I wore something special for you tonight. She had all my attention then.
She gently took her hand and moved my face to look at her. She said watch this is for you and I hope you don’t mind.
She pulled open her robe revealing a sexy one piece sexy green nightie.
Here is this sexy thirty six year old mom with light red hair and blue eyes ample breasts trying to jump out of its confines. She pulled me to her and said want to go to my room with me.
I followed her she got in bed and said let’s spoon together and I’ll turn the tv on.
As I was crawling up in her bed she said baby take your clothes off all off including your underwear. I was a little shocked but did what she said.
She said come on and scoot up to me. Once again I was up against her backside and she looked over at me and said you feel so nice and she pushed her plump ass back against my hard on and sighed saying that feels soo good. Mom told me this what spooning is and do you know what that might lead to? I just looked at her speechless. Mom said sometimes it leads to forking and giggled a little. Even at twelve I knew what she meant.
She was gently rubbing her butt up and down my throbbing boner and the warmth of her ass and the silky material of her nightie felt amazing.
She took my hands and cupped them over her tits mewing softly.
She said sweetie if I let you inside me will you please pull out when you’re going to cum? I don’t know if you’re producing fertile sperm yet but we can’t risk you getting me pregnant.
I said ok mom and she reached between her crotch and unsnapped her nightie. She took my hard member and rubbed it between her very wet pussy lips. I was loving it. She said son are ready for your first piece of pussy and all I could do was nod yes. She lined me up pushing back and she said push it in hunny.
I felt her pussy open and I slid into her hot molten red haired pussy. She moaned I moaned she pushing as I was pushing up inside her as far as I could. We got in a steady pace of fucking. I thought I was in heaven never have experienced such feelings. It didn’t last as long as I wanted and when I knew it was imminent that I was going to cum I pulled out and sprayed her ass cheeks , nightie and thighs with my cum. I didn’t know I could cum that much. Mom rolled over pulled me to her and told me how good I felt inside of her. We got cleaned up and I went to bed with sweet dreams.
The next morning which is Sunday morning mom was up early and very cheerful. My sisters were up and they’re wondering why mom was in such a good mood. Mom said I’m making cinnamon rolls and sticky buns this morning and she looked at me and winked and whispered to me I like the sticky buns you made last night and I want more of them.

Jul 20
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