Wish we didn't have to hide our relationship

I'm 32 now separated with two kids and for 20 years I've been having sex with my 36 year old cousin.i started giving boys blowjobs when i was 12 and it quickly moved on to having sex and that's when it got started with my cousin.by the way my cousin was looking at me i knew he had heard what i been getting up to and he wanted a piece of the action.that day it happened i was skipping school home by myself and my cousin turned up and i was still in my nightie,he backed me up and said suck my cock and split seconds he had it out.my cousin or not i wasn't turning down some dick.like a good girl i dropped to my knees and went to work on his dick until he was pumping cum into my mouth and swallowed.i stood up leaving him satisfied to washout my mouth upstairs only to turn round and it happened so fast he had me up against the wall and fucked me, even though it hurt i didn't want him to stop and it's been like that ever since even through my marriage.

Jul 19
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    • My cousin B isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he is four years older than me, but managed to graduate in my class, but as far as tools go, he has an extremely huge tool, porn star big.
      When we were younger I'd seen it several time at get-together at our grandfather's farm.
      I was very intrested in it when I was 16, and way washing up in the creek after bringing in hay. I rinsed off his back and he pulled his shorts down to wash off his balls and that monster.
      It is a bit hazy as it was a long time ago but either I asked him to touch it or he asked me if I wanted to, I started touching and playing with his cock. To say the least I was fascinated by the size, texture, color and feel of it. Here it's this olive brown, uncircumcised cock, that I couldn't get my fingers around it and if I'd had 3 hands there would still have cock hanging out. I had played with my boyfriend's cock and it wasn't even close to being that big, still his pointed straight up when he had an erection. "B " was very firm, but it was sort of like a diving board that had too weight on the end of it.
      He was experienced, I wasn't, still I was enjoying playing with it, sliding back his foreskin, and hefting his balls which were large too.
      So you know where this is going, first I started sucking it, more like licking it, and kissing the head of it. He was rubbing me and giving a lot of attention to my tits, we went behind the one she'd and he bent me over and gave it to me. It felt great or should I say I wasn't expecting it to feel that good. I came a couple of times, he was smart enough to pull out, he spun me around as he was coming and put it all over my chest.
      I know I shouldn't have but was always a twinge of jealously when I saw him at school with some girl.
      One of my friends told me that she'd snuck around and did him. Wow was he ever huge and it was a shame that he was my cousin, as I'd know what a real fucking was if I had him, AL I could say was, as if.

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