Gfs sister

When my gf was 17 she moved into my flat.her younger sister who was 13 used to stay over sometimes at weekend me and my gf had been out for some drinks and came home to find her sister had let herself in and was asleep on the couch which was fine.we-went on up to bed as normal,my gf always just slept in a nightshirt and I always slept naked.her sister was just in a nightshirt also.i half woke up after the nights drinken,in the early hours to feel my cock being played with ,thinking it was my gf I let in go on and became aroused.i put my hand up what I thought was my gifs nightshirt and started to finger her.we carried on for a while with me still a bit hazy state,next thing I knew there was a hot warm mouth around my cock and I laid there as she sucked me till I came in her mouth.after I wasn't in the mood for going down on her so I put my hand back up her nightshirt and fingered her till she orgasmed. A little while later I needed the bathroom and came too a bit only to realise that her sister had got into bed with us and it had been her not my gf.she told me next day I was the first guy who had touched her and mine was the first cock she seen or felt and asked if she'd done ok . I told her it shouldn't have happened but was very nice and never to mention it again.which 30 years later she never has but I often think about her tight little pussy and warm mouth that night

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  • She had a much tighter pussy than her sister and orgasmed better

  • She was just experimenting as we all do I shouldn’t have allowed but felt good at the time

  • My god, I would have been after her pussy as soon as she turned 18.

  • It was just a drunken night although I would have like to fuck she was too young and it was too long too wait till she was old enough

  • No mate u should have pumped that tight little pussy. She would have been yours to this day.

  • She wanted him to anyways I'm sure

  • I’m married to her sister now

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