I went down in my married boss

I was working in North Carolina at the time when, a couple of months before our office closed permanently to move everyone to working virtually, it was only my boss who would come into the office regularly. I would go in occasionally when my internet service at home was spotty.

As usual, my boss was the only one in the building aside from me and I had always had a crush on her. She was only about 5‘5“ with reddish brown hair, light blue eyes, and 120 lbs. Her and I were roughly the same age and she was married with no kids. Over time, we had become friends and she had started to tell me about little fights and disagreements with her husband. It was nothing major and the usual marriage stuff. But she often joked about how single life was so much more exciting.

If you know anything about North Carolina summers, they can be incredibly hot and especially humid. So she wore a simple purple tank top and a short khaki skirt. After arriving, I stopped into her office to tell her I was in the building. She rolled from one section of her desk to another to give me some letters that had arrived, but must have forgot she didn’t cross her legs or readjust her skirt.

My eyes fixed almost immediately on the beige triangle under her skirt even as she fumbled with a stack of papers and spoke to me. For a good two seconds, I was hypnotized by her panties until she realized what I was looking at as she quickly crossed her legs.

“Excuse you! You’re lucky HR moved out of the building a week ago,” she said with a coy smile.

I apologized and thought I wasn’t in trouble until she said that I should consider that my yearly bonus. I quickly got my mail and went back to my desk. About 30 minutes had passed when she came over to talk to me about something else. She quickly asked what had me staring so hard earlier in her office and I gave her my best polite answer not to get in trouble, but she said it didn’t seem like nothing by the look on my face. I told her I didn’t wanna get into trouble and she said not to worry about it, and ask me again.

I’m finally just told her that I saw her panties when her skirt rode up. She asked me if I was sure while she stared directly at me with more seriously. I told her I was and she got slightly closer to me and asked what color her underwear was just to make sure.

“You know, you flirt with me when we talk. I’m not getting mad at you, I’m just saying I noticed that. I guess I flirt back too,” she said.

I don’t know if it was the fact that we were alone or if it was an entirely dark office except for a single desk lamp, but, against my better judgment, I told her I always had a crush on her. She admitted she might have had one on me as well.

She got closer to the point where her thigh was touching mine. She was staring so intently at me and I was doing the same back to her and I was getting so turned on. Now in a raised whisper, she asked me if I liked her outfit and if I thought it was sexy. Again against my better judgment, I told her I did. She went further and whispered in my ear if I liked knowing what her panties looked like.

At this point it was obvious I was entirely turned on as she looked down at my crotch. She finally asked me if I wanted to get a better view and I started moving my hand upper thigh and eventually under her skirt. She looked a little shocked but didn’t stop me and I finally just put my hands on her ass.

I finally just stood up and started kissing her. I was surprised she was kissing me back just as forcefully. At this point I didn’t care anymore and just picked her up and put it on my desk. I had started to massage her pussy as we continued making out.

She whispered to go down on her and I took off her beige underwear with the lace on top. I couldn’t tell you how long I went on, but I know she came twice. I went to undo my pants to finally have sex with her, but she said she didn’t want to cheat on her husband and only wanted oral. I sat back down and she took me in her mouth until I finally came.

I can still remember her swallowing my load with unexcited grin on her face.

In the months that followed, we never talked about what happened and she would always shoot me a devilish smile if we were in the same room. She transferred to another state not long after.

Jul 10
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