Sorry, it’s the best I have

You all lead far more exciting lives than I do, after reading some of the posts I don’t really have any stories like what’s being posted.
The best and only thing I’ve ever seen is seeing a woman using tweezers to pluck her pubic hair out while she was in her car, as I returned to my car parked next to hers I could see she had pulled down her leggings and was plucking at her pubes, she didn’t notice me, the only time she looked up was when I closed my car door and she didn’t panic, just looked up then back down again.

25 days ago

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    • My late teen virgin amazing wife (Emmy) to be was giving me a blowjob in the car. We were at the drive in movie. The spaces besides us were empty -- so she's taking advantage to empress her new boyfriend. It's the 2nd feature and it sucks, she's more weaning on it slowly, making it last. I'm laid back in the passenger seat, eyes closed. "my cousin says to hum on it." and she hums 'God Bless America." (she really religious) Her cousin must be a ringer. It's the longest BJ ever. and there's a guy by the window watching it all. Emmy was pumping the break pedal, flashing the break lights. "I came to ask you turn your flashers off, I stayed for the blowjob. I'm 45 and still haven't gotten -- never seen one either till now -- had to stay, you lucky dog, Buddy" He comes back with 2 beers. "This Bud's for you. Sweetie." 50 years ago. We still laugh.

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