Wife’s been with over 200 guys in a year

My wife started cucking me for a year now. She’s been with 200 plus men and a couple of women. I love seeing her used by other men and full of cum. The issue I have now is she’s had multiple stds which I have gotten because of her. Recently she got herpes and I no longer want to be with her because it’s not worth it to me anymore. Is it wrong for me to leave her because of this?

Jul 9
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    • I guess I was lucky I never caught any studs from my wife fucking other men in 10 years she had sex with 50 different guys all of them had cummed inside of her and most of them had fucked her multiple times. She was always careful about who she had sex with most of them were military men because we lived near an army base. I loved getting the sloppy seconds from her it felt so amazing sliding my cock into her used cum filled pussy and after I added my cum to the mix I would go down on her and lick her pussy clean. And she always had the biggest orgasm from me doing that he legs would be shaking.

    • I'd be ok with this if I got to do all the cum cleanup!

    • I have been married to my wife for four years. I that time she has slept with 42 men. i get off with seeing her fuck other men. Your 200 men in a year seems like its made up. How ever her contacting herpes could be true. My wife has picked up STD'S from sleeping with them. I also caught STD's from her. We were both treated and we no longer have them except for the herpes. There is no cure for them. So she uses condoms when she fucks now. That sucks because I liked eating her cream pie after she got fucked. We are considering maybe slowing down with her sleeping with other men because we are no longer getting the enjoyment out her going bareback. She has only let one of her lovers cum in her since she got herpes. He also had herpes so that was cool.

    • Please be aware that you condoms do not always prevent the spread of herpes. She needs to tell the men she fucks that she has herpes before sex, or she could have legal liability if they catch it

    • Leave her she definitely is not your wife anymore she is a whore

    • Personally when she started fucking dudes without you knowing, cucking is still weird, was when it was over.

      I know some dudes are in to that shit, but you have to be in control of her and the situation. Otherwise you legit are just her bitch.

      Id of been gone.

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