The Modern Woman, fuck working outside the home

I'm a 40 year old mother of three. A housewife. I was asked the other day how I grew up, the woman told me she could never be a housewife. What a shame, the most rewarding job in the world and she was turned off by it. Well, time will tell, as the loneliness of never having children or a man in her life sets in.

But back to her question, we were four kids, two boys and two sisters. My mother was a housewife, my father had an insurance agency. Never, and my mother said it often, put a cold sandwich on your father's plate. Our house had to concentric universes, male and female. Man and wife. Brother and sister. Look at yourself, do you see a dick? No, now get upstairs and change your brother's bed and bring down his laundry, you have a lot to do today. Oh, and look under the bed that's where your brother throws his dirty underwear after he jerks off.

I ironed by the time I was eight. If my brother left for school with his clothes not ironed it reflected on me, directly. He was my responsibility, my sister had my other brother and my mother had my father. Now young ladies it's time for the talk. See, your father and your brothers are the men here, and me and you are the women here. They have dicks and we have pussies. If God wanted you to have a dick he would have given one to you, but he thought better and blessed you with a vagina, so you can be women. But first you have to grow up and for that you have to learn how to be women.

We had chores, there were boy chores too, but our chores were inside the house. We cleaned the bathrooms, made the beds, cooked dinner, set the table, and ironed our men folk shirts and pants. I was eight, just eight because my birthday had been a few weeks earlier. I walked in on my brother jerking off. He told me to get back in there and then offered to let me hold his hard cock. First time you hold a hard cock, even if you are eight, you know that is why men are men. You don't have a hard cock and you will never have a hard cock. I can still feel that feeling of a woman when she holds a hard cock, even if I was eight.

There was no privacy in our house, the kids all shared one bathroom and many times a brother walked in on you when you sat on the toilet. You talked to him while he brushed his teeth and you wiped yourself before you stood up and pulled up your panties. My brother's saw pussy before they got into the sixth grade. Pussies are different, mysterious to boys. Yes, of course we let them touch our pussies, how else can a boy learn about pussy if they don't have sisters.

We saw sex between our parents. It wasn't because they were exhibitionist, it was because there was a hard rule in our house about closed doors. Just like I saw my brother jerking off, we saw our parents having sex. When those things happened we were supposed to avert our eyes. My father banged my mother, and she loved it. I mean she loved getting banged. In the girl moments getting breakfast on the table she would tell us how he gave her a good fuck. Just wait, catch a man that can give you a good fuck, don't settle for limp dicked man.

In other moments, sort of the age when you are getting your sex lessons out in the open, we were told that woman sucks the man who supports her. It's a rule, hard and fast rule. You better damn well like it, because you are going to be sucking dick for a long long time. See here, grab his dick in your hand, and that itself feels so good, hold his dick and smile at him and put his dick in your mouth, and don't lose eye contact. A man, were talking about a real man here, he likes looking into the eyes of his woman while she sucks his dick. You are 'his' woman, nothing wrong with that.

The word got around that so and so's daughter was fucked in the ass and she had to go get stitches. What better time than that to tell us not to fuck in the ass. You think it's embarrassing having a doctor look up your vagina, wait until a doctor is stitching up your ass. No ass fucking, that's a hard and fast rule.

Everything we learned about being a housewife we learned before we were thirteen. Between thirteen and going off to college we learned about sex. Don't come home pregnant, because you, and I mean you, are going to take care of that baby. We had the visuals, the pamphlets the nurse gave us at the doctor's office. We had the illustrative sampling of pads and tampax spread out over the kitchen table. Big period day, here a nice big diaper pad. Light day, a nice small tampax. Boys do not have to attend that lesson, but they hung around anyway.

Porn, yes porn. We got a lesson on porn. This is porn, it's not real. It's like Captain America, a made up story. No one fucks like that, and guaranteed one hundred percent no guy can keep it up that long. As to your vagina, a healthy vagina is what you want, you are going to get dicked and you are going to get licked, so you have a nice healthy vagina for the man. When the time comes for using your vagina to give birth it is called the birth canal, pussy is for when you have sex.

I never thought that I would work, I was born and raised to be a housewife. Same with my sister. Our brother's wives are housewives. We are not Mormons, but a Mormon girl has nothing on us. We can mend clothes, iron, cook and clean, give birth, wash down the tub. Our house is nice and clean, our kids are nice and clean and they wear ironed shorts and tops. The girls will learn as they grow up. And our husbands and sons never get a cold sandwich for lunch.

Jul 8
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    • Beautiful. Well written. Righteous but not pretentious. Really undeserving of this website. A rarity I have looked my whole life for and never found. God Bless you.

    • That is an awesome way of life you learned!! Would luv to marry you and have you as my wife!! Nice to see you are not some stuck up, lazy, uptight career girl...

    • Wow. A bit old fashioned in today's world but I like it. Bet all your children grow up to be great citizens.

    • I am a Mormon girl. And I grew up more or less like that. No hidden messages about sex, duty to motherhood and wifedom. I got married at 18 and started using my birth canal at 19. I love my life, my husband would never think of asking me to work outside the home. No I don't have a sister wife, I have sisters instead. And that's almost like a sister wife. When a Mormon man marries the eldest Mormon girl he takes all the sisters with him, until they are married themselves.

    • Does your husband have relations with your sisters? I thought Morman Woman stayed virgins till marriage

    • Wow! How old are your daughters? I have a 22 year old son who could use a good wife and an amazing mother in law

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