Cought sniffing my wife's pants

I wake up every morning around 06:00. The first thing I do is to go bring my wife's pants from yesterday and sniff it while jerking off in the livingroom.
Today, moments before I came, she was standing looking puzzled at me. I didn't stop, I took deeper sniffs till I came. I sat there waiting for her to speak. Nothing, not even a single word.
Tomorrow I am taking this to a higher level, I will jerk off next to her while sniffing her pants.

Jul 7
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Panty thief

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    • Wife caught me sniffing our daughters panties one time

    • Dirty panties with pussy, piss and skid stains are best

    • Skid marks make my cock stand tall

    • Love the smell of ass

    • My wife calls me a perv but leaves them out anyway . One night when we were ready to fuck she slid them put them in my mouth as I fucked her I came in her she got them put between her legs not to make a mess on the bed.

    • My wife used to leave her panties our because she knew I loved the smell. If she wanted some dick in the middle of the day she'd walk up to me and give me a snail trail across my lip with her finger. We're in our 50s now and she don't do the snail trail anymore, but I still use her panties to wank! She's insecure about her smell for some reason anymore, but it still smells like heaven!!!

    • My wife knows I love it and leaves her dirty underwear lying around for me to find.

    • Does she ever have stray cunt hairs in her panties

    • I know exactly how my wife would react….in a shrill bitter voice….that’s disgusting, you’re perverted, you’re sick, you need help. Oops, correction…ex-wife. Boo-yah!!!

    • Maybe she just needs some time to process how she feels about it

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