Weird Desires

As a kid I was being molested by my uncle. He would suck me off and lick my butt. Most of the it felt wrong.. especially at the beginning. I didn’t like once so ever but as I got into middle school things somewhat changed. I would find myself asking him I would “want it” because it felt good in a way. I liked it. And once he even told me to fuck him. And so I proceeded to do so. But after we got caught; I was caught with my pants down and him sucking me, he said he caught me jacking off and helped me put my pants on. After that we stopped for awhile and then got it going again. It was awkward to be pleased by it.

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  • Kids shouldn't really be involved in anything sexual.

  • What is your relationship like with him now?

    I understand, having things done to you that you don't fully understand.
    It feels strange. Part of you feels like it's wrong. But, you're being told by someone that you trust that, it's ok.
    You enjoy the attention and the closeness. That you are sharing a secret. Coupled with the fact that it does feel good.

    Some of those things still creep into my fantasies.

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