Is it wrong?

Is it bad that I let my husband fuck my cousin on our wedding night and I watched?, Oh well, Not that it matters because it happened so I have to live with it but a week ago I blurted it out after drinking too much with a close friend of mine and she has brought it up 3 times since, We got married in our early 20's and my cousin and bridesmaid was single and made no bones about wanting to find a guy to bang at our wedding, Well, as sometimes happens she didn't find a guy because they all brought someone, So we are drunk, Sitting in the hot tub with me and my husband, My cousin, My BFF and maid of honor and Two other couples The two couples left leaving me and my maid of honor and my cousin in the hot tub with my husband and all in just our bras and thongs,
Me: 5'3" Brunette, 125lbs, B cups.
My BFF: 5'8", Brunette, 145 lbs DD's.
My cousin: 5'2" 140lbs, DDD's.
My maid of honor made a comment about how big my husbands dick was because she seen it once when we were all partying and he flashed her and it was like I seen a spark in my cousins eyes.
I talked my husband into whipping it out and all 3 of us had a good look, My maid of honor was laughing and said "Ooohhh boy, I better go see if my husband is still awake" and jumped out of the hot tub, Yada, yada and next thing I know we are in the changeroom and my cousin is orgasming while riding my husband, He had too much to drink and couldn't come quick which was good for her because she got 4 orgasms before he finally pulled out and came on her chest.
As it happens we had the opportunity over the past 5 years to have similar encounters with her 4 times since and I thought it was just fun but now my friend has made me think maybe it's wrong.

Jul 7
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    • Hell my first wife let me fuck the maid of honor night before lol

    • Not at all so long as you enjoy together. And you may invite me as well - I'm a well endowed man in my mid-30s

    • Not wrong at all. I actually got fucked in my wedding dress by another guy on my wedding night with my husband watching. Let me tell you they tore my pussy apart.

    • Nice

    • Lucky lady

    • I was very close with my cousin growing up and I was married when I turned 18 we talked about everything like girls do. She asked me how my husband was in the bedroom and I told her that he was a lot of fun and how he was uncut and kinda big that I had to get used to him fucking me at first. She asked me if I liked him being uncut and if it was nasty giving him head I said no that it's not bad at all and he keeps himself very clean. One night she was over and the three of us were drinking and she was laughing about his dick and he asked what was so funny and I told him about what we were talking about and I told my husband to show her his dick so she could see how nice it really was. He looked at me like I was crazy but he finally agreed to show her and he pulled down his shorts and it was hanging down between his legs about 6 inches soft and she said o my God then she asked me if she could touch it and when she took it in her hand he started to get hard she looked at me and said it is nice one thing led to another and we both ended up sucking his cock and he was hard as a rock standing there he sat down on the couch and I told my cousin to go ahead and try it out and she got on top of him and lowered herself down on my husband's dick she said that it feels so good . It didn't take very long for her to have her first orgasm with him then we switched and I got on top of him and I had an orgasm then we switched again and she was riding him hard and he could hold it back anymore and he started to cum inside of my cousins pussy. She was riding him backwards and I could see everything I don't know what came over me but I got down between her legs and started licking her smooth pussy with my husband's dick still inside of her. That was the start of many wild nights with my cousin until she got married.

    • OMG, so hot. I have had regular threesomes with our neighbor who became my BFF in a play group when we moved here 22 years ago. After a few years we became “close friends” and about 15 years ago we started including my husband. We have had a lot of wonderful sex together over the the years. I love licking her pussy clean. But what you described sounds incredible.

      Andrea’s husband is away on business and we are planning a “date night” together this evening. I think I’m going to try what you suggested. I know if we get my hubby drunk he will last long enough for us to each have a couple of orgasms. The key will be trying to time it so he is cumming inside her so I can enjoy my snack.

      Oh, and 6 inches flaccid!!! How big is your hubby erect? July husband is about 7.5 inches hard yours has to be over 8! Nothing better than watching that long hard cock pounding petite little Andrea screaming and moaning for more. Except maybe licking her clean afterwards knowing that I allowed it to happen and that can have that cock anytime I desire.

    • If you are fine with it and your cousin likes it then go for it.

      I’m sure your hubby enjoys having a petite fit wife and a petite full figured side piece.

    • Who cares what your friends think?

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