My mid 20s niece, single, super cute with way big awesome young lady boobs….wow. Seems like she has interest in her uncle but damn, the risk of it. What I would do with her is the thing of fantasy, anyone have advice for peaking her interest or just confirming it?

Jul 5
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    • Well here’s the update, and didn’t listen to the advice in a couple comments, didn’t check back in until now. Long story short, niece and I ended up separated from the rest of the crowd, alone for what was going to be for the night. She walks past me and asked what I was thinking about, I chuckled. She gave me a half smile and then crowded herself between me and the counter, reaching down to grab me all in one swift move. She said, “I see you’re thinking the same thing as me.”

      It was insane, all night session and apparently this younger generation can show us some new tricks, in fact lots of them. A few days passed before she texted “that has to happen again but next time for a couple days in a row.” She wants to meet me on a work trip, no way I don’t want to, for better or worse next week is going to be lit

    • Back from the work trip, she had a great idea. Work folks wondering why I had no interest in dinners or after work stuff, oh I was just not with them. Niece went out of her way to bring new outfits and had each of the three nights planned out, she’s quite the entertainer! Wow

    • I hooked up with my niece before she was even my niece. Met her at a bar, hooked up one night, became her sugar daddy. We’re 19 years apart. She slept over all the time, sex anytime I wanted and anywhere, even gave me multiple threesomes. We traveled the world (Spain, Italy, Paris, Greece, Iceland, Dominican Republic, Japan, Israel, and Poland) as a couple, did couple things back home, apple picking, winery’s, dinner, movies, even had Christmas cards made up.

      She was a bartender, and one night her aunt walks in and we just chatted up. Exchanged numbers, she was okay with it, since her aunt was divorced and we were the same age. We did continue to have sex, all the way up until the night before I got married to her aunt. We still cuddle her and there, occasional peck on the lips. My wife doesn’t know we hooked up.

      Best sex was with my niece. No inhibition at all, and she never said no to whatever I wanted to do to her

    • Run away with your dignity and cock in your hand. My neice (no blood) wife's sisters kid is a damn smoke show, hell so is her mom and my wife's other sister! Most of the women on her side are pretty sexy for that matter! But no chance in hell I'd fuck any of them except my wife, although her youngest sister has tried when me and the wife separated a bit.

    • Yes, avoid like the plague.

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