I was used

When I was in highschool I was one of 2 gay guys in the whole school. I grew up in a small town where it was frowned upon. I've never told anyone but I used to give a popular "jock" head every morning before school. Literally every morning. I would walk to school and meet him in the parking lot in his truck. He was always super paranoid someone would find out or he would be seen with me. I didn't care because he was fine AF and I enjoyed it. He would lay back in his seat while I blew him, I'd swallow his load and we would go separate ways. I tried to get him to fuck me but he never would follow through. I still see him around town occasionally he avoids me lol.

Jul 4
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    • OP here. He definitely wasn't gay, he's married now. He just wanted to get off and he used me to do it. I haven't done anything with a guy since those days.

    • Where do you live?

    • I used to suck a couple friends dicks after school

    • Used to? Did you stop after school or do you still suck cock? I started in middle school and now as a senior citizen I still suck.

    • I've been sucking cock for a number of years ever since I was a teenager, 56 now

    • I never really stopped sucking guys

    • He’s gay too and isn’t comfortable with it yet.

    • Could just have been your regular horny teenager

    • I agree. Most of us are either gay or Bi. I enjoy sucking cock or eating pussy. It wasn’t always that way. For a long time I denied my gay side. Occasionally I would get my cock sucked by a guy and then go get with a girl to make me feel more like a man. One night after a guy sucked my cock, he forced me to suck and swallow his. Everything changed the instant he exploded in my mouth. I was hooked.

    • Sucking cock is a great way at to let your friends know how much they mean to you. You are right, you were used… but at the same time you used him to satisfy your needs. Don’t worry about the past…. There is plenty of good friends who are waiting for their cock to be sucked by you. I suck my friends whenever they ask, sometimes they bring me newbies and I get to give them their first blow job by a man.

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