How Rough and Nasty Can You take it?

I'm that nice guy that turns into a monster in the bedroom. I love for both of us to drink a lot of beer before we fuck. While you are sucking my cock, I will have to piss. I pull out and hose you down paying particular attention to you cunt. Save some piss and have you stand up and bend over and then piss in you ass crack. All the while laughing and tell you what a worn piece of fuck meat you are.I then tell you to worship my piss because it is the only lube you are going to get while I rape you.

Then we start fucking and you have to piss. I laugh and say, you fucking whore, that is your problem. Keep fucking if you don't want to get the shit slapped out of you. So you keep fucking and finally have to let go and piss all over my crouch. Fuck that feel soooo good!!

You must be punished now. So you stand up and bend over giving full access to your asshole. I ram it in raw with no lube. Fuck I love the feeling of splitting your anus. You scream from the pain. Fuck yea, it makes me pump that dry asshole harder. You know better than to give up. You had better just take it.... Finally you beg me to reach around and grab your tits and ball them hard to take you mind off your torn anus. I love your tits and rough them up until they are bruised. Fuck yea baby this is rough sex. I fuck your ass until you shit all over yourself and pass out.

We get up and shower together where you are responsible for washing my body and worshiping my cock using nothing more than your hair, tits and cunt soaped up and rubbing all over my body. I will of course continue using your tits, cunt and asshole as I please while you are doing your job of cleaning us up.

We sleep and when we wake up, I will rape you again.....

Okay, can you take it? Do you want it? You know what to do ....

Jul 4
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