When I was about 8 and my younger sister was almost 7 she would regularly come sleep with me. She hated being alone. my bed was by the window and since we had no a/c she would sleep with me because the summer breeze from the window cooled the room.

One summer night we were laying in bed talking and she asked to see my ‘thing’ as she called it. She said she would show me hers So I agreed. We took off our pajamas and she looked and touched me for a few minutes. Then she wanted to ‘touch’ them together so she put her leg over me while I held my ‘thing’ and rubbed it against her pussy.

I never told anyone about that experience

Jul 4
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Finally explored my piss fetish

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    • My male cousin (13) and I (male 11) used to sleep over at each others house. He had a double bed we slept in together. We were talking about masturbation although didn’t know that term for it yet, and giving each other massages and I accidentally brushed against his cock, which was rock hard. It felt so good and was a sudden and unexpectedly powerful feeling of, I guess, early homosexual attraction. I wanted to hold it, rub it, stroke it. But he was embarrassed so nothing happened.

    • Did this with my cousin up until we were maybe 11 or 12. I remember the feeling when I'd see her vagina. She would kiss and lick on me and I'd do the same to her. Just what we caught our parents doing. I even put it in her once, but didn't cum. Didnt know how too. We're best friends now and rarely discuss and never have revisited our childhood escapades. Mind you she's a fucking sexy 52 year old retired school teacher who confesses to me she's never been penetrated by anyone but me... not sure how to bring it up but I'd love to do it again! How is she 52 and never dated or got married and not a lesbian either???

    • I did the same with my brother. I remember the first time we “dry fucked” and his “thing” started pulsing. He said it felt good. So that summer we did it more often until it began to pulse and stuff came out.

      Then we figured we needed to stop. The next summer I found a boyfriend and we had a lot of fun. He had never been touched

    • My sister and I did the same thing. I was 12 she was 10

    • I would fuck my 2 sisters

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