I Regret What Started

I regret being his fat slut secretly amongst friends and family but I enjoy what he has in his pants. Even though he's much older he knows how to make me please him dearly. He cheats on his girlfriend a lot. He does my mom often. He just can't keep that cock in his pants. I'm a wide 265 lbs. gal, who can't lose the weight and masturbates a lot because of my sex cravings.
It started when I saw what he has. He was doing mom in her room and she was loving it. His long sack was smacking her and she was enjoying his big mushroom head in her. It made me wonder how his girlfriend sucked that dick. I went into my room and masturbated thinking how exciting it would be to have rough dirty sex with him.
We all went camping one weekend and I tried to get someone to go hiking with me, he volunteered. As he and I hiked we chatted. I told him I know he cheats on his girlfriend by doing my mom. Then he admits he would do me if I wanted. He said I looked enticing even though I was heavyset but my youthful looks with that weight makes him crave me like right now dressed in those tight shorts and clinging shirt that is enhancing my breast size.
We sat on one of those rest bench along the hiking trail. To my surprise he exposed his dick out into the open. "Put that back in before someone comes along!" I said. "Don't you want to know how big it gets when turned on?" he tells me. " I know how big it gets. I saw it go in mom." "Your mom and my girlfriend won't give me head because of the huge mushroom head it gets. I'll fuck you if you're able to give me head." "Promise?" I said.
I got down and rubbed it across my mouth. It started to stiffen up with it's head swelling up. I kept popping it in and out of my mouth. Then I ran my tongue down his shaft and sucked his ball sack while holding his cock in my hand. I kept rubbing my mouth along his long shaft and rubbing his mushroom with my fingers feeling his precum ooze over them. I held that mushroom tight and my hand was filled with his cum.
He held up to his promise. I enjoyed that dick deep in me whenever I craved it. He realized that I enjoyed his cock a lot and began to call me names and slapped me around forcing me to go down on his cock deep and making me gag on it. It wasn't what I expected and now regret what I started.

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