Landlady does it again...

I recently posted a true story about my wife, the Landlady who put out in a tenants apartment and got what she was lookng for ... I knew then that she was going to continue to feedher desire to play and it wasn't lng after she did exactly that .... my wife has always been a bit of an exhibitionist and not long ago ..she had told me that she had been at a local store wearing her usual attire .... without panties .... perfect for teasing..often she met a coca cola delivery driver at the store and she would walk in aisle he is stacking product in and pretend to be shopping and bend over causing her short skirt to ride way up on her ass ... she would do this a few times giving him a nice show and it made her lunch break exciting as she would get extremely wet .... this particular day the driver who she was familiar with had her stand between a couple of pallets stacked with product in the aisle and with both hands yanked her skirt up around her waist as he knelt down licking her wet c *** as she stood there between the pallets head and chest exposed hoping no one approached their spot while he quickly brought her to o ***** getting to his feet telling her next time you can repay me the favor! He quickly left her standing there somewhat disheveled with her skirt still up around her waist ........
I found out about this when I saw her drive back into the complex and go into her office ... I went to ask her how her lunch was when she told me to lock the doos as she reached in her desk drawer, grabbed a vibrator she leaves in there, sat in her office chair pulled the skirt back up and dove into her soaking c *** with her vibrator .... head tossed back and moaning wildly ... she stopped after her 3rd quick o *** ** .... that is when she told me what had taken place ................

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  • I would love to have seen her in the aisle while he was eating her cunt...the expressions would have been priceless ....!!

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  • Did she repay him ????

  • Yes, she did repay the was a couple of weeks after this happened, I was renovating a unit and could see into the parking lot by the office from the living room window of the unit I was working in when I saw a car drive up and park in visitor parking......I really didn't think much about it at the time thinking it was just someone asking about any vacancies so I kept working...about 15 or 20 .minutes passed and I saw the guy leave the office getting in his car and drove away.....I thought I would go and see what he wanted so I went to the office across the parking lot and spotted my wife standing inside at the door thru the blind, I opened the door and instantly knew why she was watching the door.............she was standing there with her blouse undone...her tits were pulled over the cups of her lacy bra and her face and her glasses were cum with some dripping onto her tits.....she quickly reminded me of the coke guy and that he had come to see me about the favor she owed him....she then proceeded to thank me for my understanding of her desires..............

  • Yes....she did..

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