Just wondering what the infatuation with mom/son ? It seems to me there’s a lot of moms posting about their sons , and vice-versa . Just curious if this is a new trend in just fantasy or if it’s really happening this much . Thanks

Jul 5
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    • Don’t know about mom and son but I have had mom and daughter

    • I posted my recent experience on here. I'd started 'dating' a co-worker that had a teenage son. At first, I noticed he'd squeeze & smack her a$$ like a playful couple does. Next, they'd kiss with tongue in front of me.
      One time we were at the park exercising. She was wearing a tight sports bra and tiny mesh shorts.
      She seen him with his teenage friends. She yelled, 'There's my handsome man!' She ran to him, jumped up and straddled him locking her legs around him. He held her up by grabbing her tiny a$$ & they kissed with tongue.
      We were getting ready for a date. She came out wearing a short flowing dress spun around and I could see white thong panty. Her son said something like 'your a$$ looks amazing and you look totally f*kable.
      I still work with her. She is crazy HOT and the sex was crazy but I had to bail out.
      It was getting weirder and weirder.
      She was cool with me calling it off and told me she'd hookup 'no strings attached' anytime.

    • When I was about 14 my mom asked me to finish doing up the back zipper on her one-piece swim suit. No one else was around to help her. My mother never did anything that could be taken as flirting with me! Never.
      But she did walk around our Florida house in a tiny pair of white short-shorts every day! These little shorts were the go-to costume for women in hot climates in the USA.
      Anyway - her back ---- that was the first time I touched soft and real female flesh! I still remember being so surprised at how soft her back was - my fingers sunk in maybe 3/16ths of an inch (she was not at all chubby!) So soft and smooth!
      Not long after that as I was in the bathroom for a shower I came upon a pair of her worn, tiger stripe bikini panties laying in the top of the dirty clothes hamper.
      I picked them up !!!, I touched them all over !!!
      OMG....I put them to my face!!!!
      I grabbed myself - and my shower was delayed for a very few minutes!

      This was more than 60 yrs ago!

    • More common than you would think especially with the divorce rate so high. There’s a lot of single mothers out there now that have needs. If they have teenage sons their hormones are raging. So if the mother is somewhat attractive and excites their son it’s a win win situation for both of them.

    • Maybe. But also, maybe more middle aged guys wanting to see their wives having sex with young studs.

    • That too.

    • Common fantasy

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