Borrowed wife’s friend’s wet panties

My wife had 3 college friends from out of town stay over for a few nights when we were about 28 years old. They all slept in our guest bedroom together on inflatable mattresses and the existing bed. One of the days, they 4 of them went out shopping for a few hours. This was before we had kids, and only one of her friends had kids at the time, but they weren’t with her. As they shopped, I also shopped around their bedroom, looking through their luggage for their panties. I found a freshly worn pair from the little cute fit blonde friend who happened to be 6 months pregnant with her first kid. The panties were still wet from her pussy in some spots, and dry pussy juice in other spots. My heart raced as I took them, along with a clean pair from the friend with kids back home. I went into our master bedroom and soaked the wet panties with my tongue, sucking back up the pussy juice out of the fabric of the panties. I could taste the salty sweetness of her friends pussy in my mouth. I then rubbed them all over my dick and beat off with them. I wore the other friend’s clean panties and I stroked my cock with the dirty wet ones. I exploded, surging my cum through the wet lanyies wrapped right over the head of my cock, and then made sure to rub the tiniest bit of cum in the crotch of the clean ones before returning both pairs to their luggage. It’s so hot knowing that my cum and her hot blonde friend’s pussy juice mixed together and soaked her panties, and that her other friend likely wore the clean panties with a streak of my dried cum rubbing on her pussy lips the next day. I told my wife about this years later and she was initially very upset, but know we sometimes bring it up and get off so hard thinking about it.

Jun 27
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    • I want to sniff filthy panties and jerkoff.

    • Pregnant girls panties are something else. Got to smell my cousins and it was like drugs. Couldn't stop and wanted to take them so bad but she only had a few on her trip visiting. Any moment I had though I was cumming hard to her scent. Still miss it today as she's no longer having kids.

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