Sil fling

I fucked my wifes sister and i am pretty sure
The baby she had is not her husband’s.
I was just a one time heat of the moment.

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  • Here we go again with NO FUCKING UPDATES...
    I dont even come here much anymore. Fuck this website and fuck the people running it. They too busy sucking dick to do their job.

  • I Fucked our next door neighbor a few years back
    It happened only 4 times then she ended up pregnant. Im sure its mine.
    My wife is friends with her and she has no clue. Talks about her baby all the time

  • I've thought about doing that my neighbor asked me to go round and fix her shower curtain and she was in her dressing gown

  • Always say yes

  • I was very tempted

  • Why didn't you go for it?

  • My SIL was staying with us during the COVID lockdown. She is hot, just like my wife, but something about not having her made me want her. For months I was hoping to get at least a glimpse in her naked titties or snatch, but I was getting nothing.

    The lockdown lifted, but my SIL is scared to go home, so she's still with us. My wife normally travels for work, but hadn't become obvious. So. Ow the lockdown is over, her boss asked her to check in at one of their sites. She packed her bags and left for 3 days. I went to the bar to see my buddies every night after work.

    I came home and walked in the door to my naked SIL passed out on the couch with an empty bottle of wine next to her. I'm not sure if she had some guy over and that was why she was naked, or if she wanted me to find her naked. Either way I tried to wake her but she kind of just mumbled at me.

    She and my wife are both small people. My wife is on 5'2" 110lbs, my SIL is about the same, so it didn't take much to pick her up and carry her to her bedroom. When I laid her down, she grabbed my arm and called me by some guys name. She told me to make love to her. I told her she was drunk and go to sleep, but she wouldn't let me go. She just kept demanding that I make love to her as she kept calling me by this other guys name.

    I told her I would eat her pussy of she went to sleep and got between her legs. I licked and sucked her pussy for a few minutes until she orgasmed, then I told her goodnight and tried to leave. Again she grabbed my arm and demanded I penetrate her, while still calling me this other name.

    I finally gave in and got between her legs and fucked her. Honestly I would have just masturbated to eating her pussy so I could have a clear conscious that I never fucked her, but she just wouldn't let me go. She finally let me go after I fucked her.

  • Stop with the stupid lockdown fantasies


  • Racist arsehole, get stuffed you prick

  • I'll fuck you in the ass bitch. Shut your fucking pie hole.

  • Arsehole

  • Listen up asshole. I'll skull fuck your dead corpse after I rip your head off and shit down your fucking neck. Then I'll fuck your momma in the ass. You feel me nigger?

  • Your just a very rude prick, keep your filthy comments to yourself please you cunt

  • Ooooo, you cunt? What a comeback. Fucking retard. I bet your mommy dropped you on your head when you were a baby. No wonder you're a retard now. Don't worry, I'll fuck your momma in the ass tonight and pay her back for dropping you. Meanwhile, your daddy will take care of shutting you up with his dick in your mouth.

  • Does your indecency have no bounds, you need a giant kick in the nuts every morning arsehole

  • I have a big nut sack that can sit on your chin while you're sucking my DICK.

  • Yum.

  • I'll shoot my nut juice down your throat.

  • Exactly where I want it.

  • Piss off you filthy jerk

  • You know you want my big cock down your throat. Your momma liked it lastnight.

  • I know that I wanted to.
    My ex wife's sister was was hotter and nicer than my wife was.

  • Sister in-laws always seen hotter. You always want what you can't have!!

  • My wife, her sister, and I were sitting around drinking and smoking some pot. My wife ended up passing out, and her sister told me that weed always makes her horny. My SIL is hot as hell! We quietly left the house and got into our camper to eliminate all, or most of our noise.

    I pulled out the twin bed, as we both quickly undressed. Immediately we were kissing passionately, our hands were all over each others bodies. As we kissed I rolled on top of my SIL. We were both so horny that I was hard as a rock, and she was almost dripping wet. I worked my cock into her tight pussy and we were off to the races. I held her close holding onto her shoulders so I could really fuck her hard. My SIL moaned like a whore the entire time until I finally unloaded so much cum in her pussy, it was running down her ass. This was before I was even done pumping my last couple of streams.

  • You’re better than I am! My husband passed out and his friend wasted no time getting his cock in me right in the same room.

  • Sounds nice. I also fucked my gf's elder sister 3times privatelt

  • Who is the best fuck, your girlfriend, or her elder sister?

  • Best to keep it a secret! What don't know can't hurt them

  • Long story short, I had sex with my girlfriends sister while a group of us were out swimming at a local swimming spot on the river. She and I walked up the river to inter tube back and we stopped along the way. She bent over a tree, I slid her bikini bottoms to the side and we fucked. I came inside her because I figured we were getting back in the water anyway and it would somehow get washed out of her.
    A couple months later she announced she was pregnant. I pulled her aside and asked if he was mine. She told me of course not, he was her husband's. When the kid got here, he had blonde hair. I'm the only one who has blonde hair. So I'm pretty sure the kid is mine, but no one was saying anything.
    I'm not with that girl anymore, but I check out the pictures of her sisters kids on Facebook. The older he gets, the more he looks like me. I know he is my kid. I would bet money on it.

  • It happens. My twins are obviously not my husbands.

  • I accidentally had sex with my SIL years ago. My wife and her got really drunk, and I was also a bit drunk. Mistook her for my wife in the dark.

  • My wife did the same with her sisters husband once.

  • It was dark, I was a little drunk, and I did the same thing with my mom once.

  • You knew exactly what you were doing! Lol

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