Dark Muscular Fantasy

Every now and then, I dream of working towards a muscular, feminine body. I would possess a muscular hourglass figure, complete with a round and firm ass, complete with femininely muscular arms and legs. On top of that, I would possess DD to E cup breasts, with engorged, erect nipples on top. Plus my clitoris is large enough to identify as a micropenis. My labia would be large enough to look like a testicle-less sack.

I would spend my time in a small isolated bedroom, caressing my newfound muscular body. I would feel out my muscular hourglass figure and ass. Then I would pinch and pull my erect and engorged nipples on my large muscular breasts, while fingering myself in parallel. It may look like I am in an isolated bedroom, but I am actually doing all of this in front of my webcam, for millions of viewers to see. Following the caressing of my body, I would ride a special Fucking Machine, complete with an 8-9in long phallus (flesh coated stainless steel probe). But that's not the only phallus I would eventually ride. Another one probes deep into my asshole, as it alternatively pumps it with respect to the one inside my tight, muscular cunt. And it gets tighter and tighter with each and every pump. Suction cups enclose each of my giant breasts, my nipples getting longer, larger, and harder as I continue to feel the increasing deep double penetration. I was been milked and fucked at the same time, and I absolutely loved it. Each and every moan I make syncs with every pump inside my asshole and pussy, and as the strokes become faster and harder, the louder I become. The suction of my breasts and nipples become even greater, following every stroke.

Nothing else really mattered to me... All I wanted was cock inside of me, from front to back. And I wanted to climax to the greatest extent. Penetration became the fastest and hardest; suction at its highest, as my moans soon become high pitch screams of pain and agony. My eyes rolled back as if I had white, demonic eyes. My tongue sticking out longer and almost more pointed, like that of a Succubus. My back now arching into a perfect U shape, as I now emit a loud, long, high pitch scream in Orgasm. Fluid squirts in high pressure out of my pussy and my nipples both squirt out high pressures of hot milk.

Once everything is all said in done, I lie down on my isolated bed, nearly lifeless from the extremely intense Orgasm. But once I start opening my eyes and slowly get back up from the Aftermath, the "Sexual Cycle" continues.... And it continues... Again, and again, and again...

15 days

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