I crawl on to the bed, you follow me. I kiss you as l lean back, positioning myself so you can suck on my nipples. You start sucking on my nipples, sliding your fingers inside of me. I moan in ecstasy as you finger me, my body squirming. You are so excited, feeling me get wet and watching my body move. Your dick has grown hard. You slide your dick between the lips of my pussy, teasing me with your dick. It feels so good to have you inside of me. My back arches in moan, whispering that you're going to cum. I feel your dick getting bigger, harder, inside of me and I'm wonder if you will fit inside of me...then you grunt and with one hard thrust, you have cum inside of me.

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  • There are some females that I know personally that are so sexy, attractive and fit It might just only take one pump.
    Some I know that have me on their bucket list but it would be hard to face them again after that

  • I agree. Some of my wife’s friends have made advances at me. Last one was at a Super Bowl party And it is the same for my wife. She told me about one distant friend but I know there have been many. It’s been really tough fighting off the resistance. Black guys are constantly hitting on my wife. I sometimes wonder how far she has let some go. Her favorite type is tall white guys with beards and mustaches.

  • Delightful

  • I love it, but would have to be A LOT more than one pump :)

  • A 1 pump chump?

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