Wife never talks

My wife never wants to talk about the many times that other men have fucked her. We go to a nice upscale restaurant about an hour from where we live and we have an great meal and several glasses of wine. My wife is usually pretty drunk by the time we go to the bar next door. I usually get her seated at the bar and then tell her that I forgot my phone in the car. I wait about 15 minutes or so and when I get back in there is usually a guy trying to pick her up. If there is, I take a seat at a table and watch. Sometimes the guy moves on but mostly I watch as he touches her first on her arm and then on her leg and moves his hand up her thigh. I she doesn't stop him, I walk over behind her and caress her butt. When the guy looks at me I tell him that I am her husband and if he wants to he can come to our hotel room for some fun. My wife never says no and there have been nearly 30 guys that have joined us for sex. I usually watch as the guy undresses my wife and has sex with her. Then I tell him to have her clean his dick off with her mouth. After he has dressed and left, I get on the bed with my wife and kiss her. I can taste his come on her lips and I get even harder. Then I fuck my wife in her sloppy already comed in cunt. The next morning I aske my wife if she had fun and she always says that she loves fucking me.

2 months ago


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    • Women are retarded because they have this hole between their legs, and that's how their brains fall out.

      Medical fact.

    • You have issues... you get turned on by another guy fucking your wife? you need medication... you have literally no respect what so ever for her.. she is literally a sex doll for you... she stopped being a person to you a long time ago...

    • What are you a pimp ?

    • Why do you write this bull shit to degrade women? Really why? Tell us the truth please?

    • How does allowing your wife to experience pleasure with another man "degrade" her?

    • Let's see, he gets her drunk, and then tells the guy it's ok, she obviously was too drunk to remember... so yeah..she's a doormat for him..

    • Its pure bull shit to make all women look like low life sluts!

    • But that's what they all are! Let the bird fly!

    • Fuck off asshole! Just because no women will get near you doesn't make them sluts! It shows they have more class idiot!

    • Said the low-life slut

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