He did me from behind while his kids played in front of us

My young wife had a 2 mos long torrid affair with her best friends husband one summer after she faked an argument with me and moved 2 buildings down to stay with this best girl friend.
They were finally caught and confronted by his wife when she found my wife's panties down in the seat of their truck! They were drunk and she forgot them after they finished fucking one night out in the parking lot, she told me.
I pressed for the details of all the times and places they'd fucked - as husbands always want to do, stupidly! (try to forget after she's told you in detail how some dude has fucked your wife a bunch of times! every detail, every position - his favorite in her - hers - how many orgasms each time, etc!)
Here's just one....
She had slept on the family couch in the living room. At some point he slipped out of bed next to his chubby wife to come downstairs where my slim sexy blonde SoCal born wife was sleeping in her little PJ's.
She said that they necked and then "fucked hard", as usual!, but then stupidly fell asleep together under the blanket on the couch!
Luckily they awoke when the his three small kids came down to watch TV on the carpet in front of them. His wife is a late sleeper - so he whispered in her ear to get her panties off, and lift her leg. He was laying behind her under the blanket.....so then slid his big curved (she said, "big, & very curved!") dick in her from behind.....and they began a long slow fuck under the blanket just feet from his kids playing on the floor in front of them!
She said it was such a turn-on for her - she was sure they would get caught and that made it such a "naughty and dirty" thing to do, "getting fucked while one of his kids talked to her & watched cartoons leaning back against the couch!"
She said it was so naughty that she had a huge orgasm - and he filled her swollen hole with is seed as well. She was actually trying to get pregnant from this guy - he said his wife would be good with the 3 of them living together on his dad's farm up in Vermont. She believed him - of course he was just trying to keep his great little piece of ass going as long as possible!
Anyway - wife found out. Blew up. My wife flew back to her mother in Calif for a time before coming back to me. After her plane left his wife came to me and told me all about it. Hell, my neighbors added to the stories. As usual - hubby was the last to find out.
I took her back - because of our 18mos old daughter. Then she had several more affairs. I got our kids in the divorce, a few yrs later.

May 26
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Buddy talked me into giving him my wife's panties

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    • On one hand, it sucks that your wife was a serial cheater like that, and fucked around behind your back.

      On the other hand, holy fuck that's hot! The idea of my wife taking risks and fucking another guy wherever they can sneak off to gets my cock hard immediately. Her wanting it so badly that she'll do it in his house with his wife home, in the car, or with his kids right there is next level. And taking him completely unprotected and having load after load of extramarital cum pumped into her fertile pussy is BEYOND erotic!

      Can you post more of her accounts here?

    • She slid into bed with my Dad one night - while I was in 'Nam.
      She walked naked form her bed to the bathroom when her boss showed up to take her to work - while I was away. She told him, "oops, I overslept!"
      She Frenched and got fingered by another best friend's husband on their balcony while wifey was inside.
      Another best friend's brother said - "no women in this state know how to kiss!" My wife (I was at work) led him into the living room, pushed him against the wall and tongue fucked him for 15 mins! When she tried to step away - he grabbed her ass, drug her to the floor - told her "You're a big girl - you know what you want" She took him into the bathroom, bent over and he fucked her silly from behind....meanwhile her girl friend was freaking out! "She's fucking my baby brother!"
      Did 69 with the maintenance man while I was at work....on our couch, while our 4 kids played out back.
      Too many others to count.
      Always told me AFTERWARDS, then promised not to do it again. Did that for 19 yrs. As a 40 yr old started fucking two younger guys she met at community college.....then I paid for the divorce.

    • Once a cheater, always a cheater. At least in this case.

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