House Painter and the X wife

My X wife and I bought an old house when we were married. It needed a lot of work and I did as much as I could but she wanted it completed before long. I hired a few contractors to help out with things I just couldn't do. After all the restoration was done on the interior we hired a highly recommended painter to finish the job. It was all interior work and pretty much new drywall so he said it would take him and his crew about a week. After the first 3 days he sent his helper home and said it won't be more than another day now and he was going to do it himself.

I had been doing a lot of trim and tile work myself and worked mostly barefoot and in a tee shirt and cut off shorts. I noticed the painter eyeing me every once in awhile from behind. After he was working alone the last 2 days he pretty much became very chatty with me and we laughed and he touched my shoulders a lot. This dude was hitting on me so I just went along with the flow.

On Friday morning it looked like he was done and just need to get his gear and get paid. He shows up early and is rubbing his cock through his coveralls and asking if the wife was home. She left for work about a half hour ago, so I took off my clothes and stood naked in front of him. He nodded and we embraced and kissed and hugged and I dropped to my knees and he whipped out his huge pecker. I sucked on his cock for about ten minutes, he had both hands on my head just face fucking the shit out of me when THE WIFE WALKS IN! I was completely naked, kneeling on a drop cloth in the middle of her newly remodeled house, stroking my hard cock while sucking off the painter through the zipper in his white coveralls.

The last sentence is almost verbatim from the divorce filing, her lawyer loved reading it out loud every chance he got in front of my lawyer. Case closed.

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  • Guess you fucked up you should have said "honey I need a little help with this "

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