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21 days

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    • Hey my sexy cum slut, I posted on a gew older ones to see if it works,... fingers crossed it will.

    • Hey Robert maybe we can talk later be looking for us this little dick prick that sucks his bother and his dog s dick has nothing to do but get in some one else’s shit when he’s not eating his brothers cum or licking up dog cum snd piss fuck youyou bastard

    • I've posted in the other one, I'll do that again after this message. I'll post at the top in the other one😘❤️

    • Hey Babe it been crazy at work and Dr appointments I love to hear how you fucked that bitch Kari hard and rough I really loved the fingers in her ass I had to finger myself till I squirted thinking of that Robert I want to lick your sweet cum from her pussy snd asshole so bad and then tongue kiss her deep and share her cum and juices mixed with yours god I get so fucking horny when you take about using her like your whore ❤️😍😘

    • Hopefully all your Dr apts went great. I'll tell you more about how I fucked her later. 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Very sexy my nasty little cum slut Ashley. I wish I would have been there to see you and my slut and my whore pleasure them as they were told. Your bond to me is now greater than that fucking sissy cuck Tony. You're now fully mine Ashley soon tour wedding ring will be gliding up and down my cock for Tony to see, soon my cum will be placed deep in your pussy. Margaret your doing well in your training make sure you reward Ashley by licking her pussy and ass you will take Steven's cock deep in your ass and ashley will livk and suck his balks and cum from your ass. Maybe thst sissy fucking cuck should suck his coco clean? Would that make my slut Ashley wet and horny?😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Ashley my sexy cum slut and Margaret my nasty whore, my cock has been hard and throbbing, leaking hot sticky precum all over my balls are coated and my boxers have a huge stain on them now.....I fucked Kari last night and I will fuck her again today. Yesterday I pinned her against the wall, soread her legs and ass. I spit on my hand and smacked her ass then the other side. Then I spit on my cock and had her pump my cock until it was hard, she rollef ot up and down her pussy and ass. I held her hands and arms above her head and pushed my cock deep into her pussy. I felt her juice apray my balls as I began to pound her. With my other hand I started to play with her tight asshole, she let out a moan and started to grind against my finger. I held my hand there and made her go deeper as she rode my cock and finger. Soon I put two finger's for her to ride then three. She was oushing herself back off the wall making me go deeper and deeper. Her body trembling almost unable to stand up. 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Hey baby last night got a little wild Steven really worked my ass over good he power fucked me so fucking hard and deep with that bbc of his I took all his cum inside me and pushed it back into Tony’s bitch ass mouth Margaret is doing great at being owned she took Jake like a champ he pumped his hot cum in her ass and she too pushed it in Tony’s mouth and yes I do love you more than Tony now I only love to see Tony be my guys bitch from now on I do want to put my wedding ring on your cock for Tony to see I want him to see your baby in my stomach Oh Robert I wish I was married to you for you to treat and us me as your nasty whore everyday deriving you and lots of other men for your pleasure I would like to see you fuck Tony as that bitch Kari lay under him and licked your balls and cock and clean you snd Tony up when you pump him full of cum I would love to tell him Robert owns your bitch ass now little boy ❤️😍😘

    • Ashley my little cum slut there are a few posts for you 7 and 8 down.... My nasty whore Margaret you will become like Ashley, you have taken that fist step and letting that inner slut out to play. Your learning that your place as a woman is to be naked serving men sexually never denying them gratification and pleasure. You are learning that beingba slut and whore is what you've always been and just needed a bull like Robert to set her realize that it's your new goal to turn your girlfriends into whores just like you. I look forward to hearing about your encounter last night. 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Well it sounds like my littcum slut and worthless whore had a great time!! Excellent I'm glad you took care of the mem so well that's what good little owned sluts do for their owner.😘 tell my whore Margaret that she did good taking her first cock up her ass, she will get a pussy full of my sweet seed as her reward as will you. That sissy fucking cuck Tony got a nice suprise he won't soon forget lol, it sound like he'll be getting another one later tonight. I think he needs to be double penetrated tonight don't you? Its,also time for Margaret to take a bigger cock deep in her ass. Let themfave fuck that sissy fucking cuck Tony after they fuck his ass, make him clean them up... Ashley you and Margaret havr my cock so hard and dripping.😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Ashley told me that you had commanded my to take a bigger cock in my ass so I’m going to take Jake tonight for my master Mike was only about 5 1/2 banana girth Jake is around seven and maybe Red Bull can girth I know it’s going to hurt but I want to do it for you master Hey Baby I told her she was commanded to take Jake tonight and you Ned to command her to be taking Steven by this weekend his bbc is 9 3/4 inches and Coke can girth he stretched me but she can also handle him she just has to try and do as she’s told by you I told her Robert owns both of us now and you have to worship want he says and only let his beautiful bent cock inter your unprotected pussy and only bare his child you need to tell her as you have myself they will be lots of other men that she will be letting fuck he asshole and sucking slot of dicks and drinking a lot of cum that is what owned worthless whore do for their master that is why I love you Babe is it time for Margaret to start telling you she only loves you also as o have tonight will tell if she is ready to be owned Love You ❤️😍😘

    • That's right my nasty whore Margret, you will take the bigger cock in your ass tonight. You will not wimper or cry. After he's fully inside you, will ride against his cock, you willbeg for him to fuck you harder no matter how much it hurts. You'll tell him to pin you down and thrust deep into you. You will call out my name as he fucks you and you'll thank me and my cum slut Ashley for allowing you to be owned. You will be fucked anally and orally by many men. Much as my slut Ashley you will fuck 100's of men a year. You will fuck stranger's, coworkers and their friends. You will not rurn down any men regardless of their, martial status, ethenic backgrounds, cock size. Are we clear?

    • Yes my master Robert I am ready to summit total to you and your commands I will prepare for many men to fuck me in my ass and mouth as Ashley has said I want to met you master Robert to take your fertile cum in my unprotected pussy I’ve been off birth control at your command I am getting perspired for Jake to take my ass as I watch Ashley take Steven like a pro in her ass I don’t know how she does it but it’s so sexy to watch her husband Tony is watching also he’s naked in a penis cage and laying under her ss stevens nuts are slapping his face and Ashley is sucking Mikes dick too Robert I like this being owned I want to be like Ashley

    • I wish you were here so you could make love to me as they fuck Tony and I look into hies eyes as you pump that fertile cum deep in my pussy and Margaret is Lou king your big balls as you fuck my hard and rough and I wish that bitch Kari was here with you too so Steven could stretch her tight little asshole out snd fill it with his cum and I’ll lick her clean as I tell her your husband Robert owns me bitch so lay down and let Steven pump that asshole of yours deep and hard as we watch Jake and Mike fuck Tony hard❤️😍😘

    • I wish I was there too, I'm looking forward to filling tiur married pussy with my sweet hot stickey seed, coating the deep injer walls of your hungry fertile pussy. Kissing you deep and passionately as my seamen swims deep onside your womb to the egg your body released for me. Our eyes lock together your body trembling in pleasure. You look at that sissy fucking cuck Tony in the eyes. You smile and say He's filling me now! Oh God it feels so good own me Robert I need this so bad I want it so badlyplease get me pregnant. You start to kiss Margaret and say your next let Robert put his child in you too.😘🥰❤️❤️

    • How wet and horny did it make you to watch your cuck getting fucked in the ass? Does it make you want my baby growing inside you more? A real man a bull had your husband fucked deep in his ass as he was strapped and caged to his chair.Does it make you want to take that meanless ring off your finger and wrap your hand around a real mans cock? Does it get your owned pussy dripping wet watching your hand with your wedding ring slowly sliding up and down the shaft of my cock? My little cum slut Ashley, do you dream about being my wife?

    • Morning Baby last night was great Margaret and I went out to the bar and met the two guys from the coffee shop earlier Jake Mike and their black friend Steven we had some drinks and did some dirty dancing I wore a little short sun dress no panties or bra of course and Margaret wore her mini skirt and very reviling top of course she to wore no panties or bra as I was dancing one time with Steven I felt another guy slide his hand under my dress and fell my wet pussy we all got an Uber back to my house we’re Tony was waiting he didn’t like that we had three guys to much Jake was 33 Mike was 31 and Steven is 36 Tony hate to see younger guys with me because he knows they go a long time we sit Tony in his chair I strapped him in and caged him he was naked and slapped his face for being a little bitch Margaret and I stripped naked also and so did the guys we begged all three guys to please let us suck those big dicks as we sucked them hard they started mouth fucking us then I told Mike that was the smallest dick of the three of them to take Margaret anal she bent over the bed and took him like a champ as Jake mouth fucked her I then bent over the bed and looked Tony in his eyes and Steven came behind me and said I’m going to pound your wife Ashley’s asshole with my bbc and he did god he made it hurt too I squirted from him fucking my ass then I made that bitch Tony suck all Stevens cum and my ass juice up that’s when I in strapped Tony and Jake and Mike held him as Ross a table and Steven told him the same bbc that ripped your white wife is going to rip you white cuckold bitch Margaret and I fingered each other till we squirted watching as Steven pushed in to Tony’s tight virgin asshole he cried and screamed god please stop I can’t take it but Steven pushed harder and deeper in Tony’s ass as he screamed and cried I got under them and started slapping his balls then I saw Steven start to swell and moan I’m going to cum

    • As Steven pumped cum in Tony’s ass he told him I own you white ass now bitch I licked Stevens big black dick and balls clean an Tony’s very stretched sore and raw asshole of Stevens cum they are coming back over this afternoon Mike and Jake want to fuck Tony also he doesn’t know it yet Live You Baby wish you were here and Thank you Master for bringing out my nasty side ❤️😍😘

    • Very good my sexy slut and nasty whore😘 let thise guys ravage your ass and month's. As for that sissy fucking cuck Tony .... yes Ashley find a bi guy to fuck his ass, but supeise him with a BBC.... that will scare him to be his bitch lol I want you two to be very slutty and submissive to these men, let them know they can own your ass and humiliate Tony.🥰❤️❤️😘

    • Hey Baby Margaret and I are about to bring three guys home to Tony and on is s black guy I hope one of these guys are Bi ❤️😘😍

    • It'll be a fun suprise for him... 🥰❤️😘😘

    • Oh Robert our little cuckold bitch Tony just got mad at what Margaret snd I are wear out and I told him Robert Said it was ok for us to do it and find so guys to fuck us in our ass as he watched I hope we can find a Bi guy and have him fuck Tony in his asshole while he’s tied up and caged naked don’t you think I should😂😂😘

    • Hey Baby Margaret and I have been shopping and it’s hot here in Atlanta so we wore our Nike big legged shorts and very reviling tank tops of course no bra or panties guys at the coffee shop and at the supermarket wear looking at us we both held our legs open at the coffee shop knowing two younger guys wear looking straight into our pussy I ask if they wanted to meet up later and they said sure I told them bring friends if they like and they said they loved milfs so Margaret and I are getting ready to go and have you a hot story later love you ❤️😍😘

    • I'm glad I can set the mood my nasty, dirty, whore, sluts😘🥰❤️❤️ Margaret is going to suck my dirty used cock out of your ass.

    • Oh Robert Margaret said she can’t wait to be treated dirty snd nasty I fuck her hard and rough last with my strap on last night she moan load as I was fucking her I told her she would be getting this a lot from master Robert to get use to it after d so he fucked me in my asshole and pussy I made her lick me clean we sit Tony in his chair naked caged snd strapped to watch after she cleaned me up I made her piss on my naked body and lick up her own piss from my body then I licked her clean of her cum too god Robert we want you to tell us what to do tonight ❤️😍😘

    • Very good my sexy cum slut make Margaret scream at the top of her lungs, make her your worthless whore too. Get her ready for what she'll be doing. Today I want you two to go oyt ro very piblic places dressed extreamly slutty. No panties and no braare allowed. I want you to flirt with other men. Tease them let them touch you if they want, you are not to deny them period. Have my worthless nasty whore Margaret suck ad many cocks as possible. I want her to take men in to bathroom's, dressing rooms, or your car and suck every last drop of cum from their ball's. Make sure you force her to deep throat them. I don't want either one of my sluts to have a gag reflex. If you come across a suitable cock for her ass , make her take it right there. Tell him power fuck her ass and make her beg for it Ashley. My cum slut I want you to choke her as she's being pounced. After he fills her ass it's your job to clean her and him up. Suck his dirty cock clean and suck the cum out of her asshole, then you will cum swap it back and forth as ypu passionately kiss. 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Oh My God baby Margaret and I both are rubbing our clits reading you post on the other site Robert we both beg of you to be the owner of our worthless whore sluts I want to watch and help as you command Margaret to be fucked by the group of young guys that are going to fuck me also we want our asshole gaping raw and burning from the multiple fuckings we will be forced by you to take God Robert I’m going eat and fuck Margaret now great story for you in a little Love You❤️😍😘

    • Well hello my little cum slut Ashley and naughty whore Margaret 😘🥰❤️❤️

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