Christmas opportunity

Well where do I start just before christmas my daughter 23 came home with a guy it was about 4am they proceeded to fuck for around an hour which I listened to I'm ashamed to say getting very turned on wishing I was fucking her.
My wife was staying at her mothers as normal as she is quite I'll.
Any way hear the guy leave so I go check the door is locked it's not so I lock it.
Going back to bed cant resist a peek through my daughters slightly open door she is out of it and naked her tits on show I cant stop looking and want a better look so in I go calling her name quite loudly but no response.
She is out of it so I chance it pull her covers down she is naked shaven pussy tight I'm soo hard looking at her naked body I have to touch her her tits firm still no reaction I wet my fingers and rub her pussy pushing my fingers inside with no reaction again.
I drop my shorts and climb between her open her legs and thrust my hard cock inside slowly then faster savouring my daughters tight pussy it's not long I'm cumming deep inside her.
She will never know as she was fucked not long before so my cum will be lost in his cum.
I pull out after an earth shattering orgasm and leave her full of dads cum.
She is on birth control I know which is kind of a shame.
Next day no one is any the wiser but I'm a lucky dad filling my girls pussy.
Let's hope I can do it again.


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  • Rape fantasy. If raping your daughter fantasies is what it takes to get you off, you're used up.

  • I'm pro incest but all sex should be consensual. Be careful.

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