The Most Beautiful Sight

The most beautiful moment---
Your relationship is very new and you've only been intimate once or twice. She's comfortable enough, now, to try it with the lights on, but you don't rush into it.

It starts with a face down massage, both are wearing only a towel. You massage her her with firm, but gentle, strokes. Staying away from her intimate parts at first, you slowly move your strokes under the towel. She is fully relaxed, enjoying your caresses. She makes no objection as you stroke up her inner thighs and under the towel. Ever so slowly, you creep up, making contact with her pubic hair. She sighs and you remove yours her towels.

You strattle her lower legs and massage and stroke upwards-- her inner thigh, butt, up to her shoulders. To reach her shoulders, you lean forward, causing your growing penis to go between her butt cheeks and make light contact with her outer lips. She shivers and sighs again... You repeat this a few times. She's ready to turn over.

No she's on her back. You are kneeling between her slightly parted legs. She stares at you---not with raging lust, but with a deep, intimate smile. She feels safe enough to fully give in to you.

Without dropping the stare, she bends her knees and raises her legs. Seeing your engorged cock, she spreads wide. She has surrendered to you, but now she needs you to surrender to her.

Her toes curl and feet shiver in anticipation. Her breathing is slow, but very deep. With one hand she lightly grasps your member, with the other, she touches your arm and shoulder-- she guides you in. She lifts her head and glances down- watching your cock slowly enter her. You look down too. Then-- you both look up again making eye contact. With a loud inhale and soft sigh, she pulls you in firmly. Her legs wrap around your back, pulling you in tightly. You smile at each other.

This is my favorite part of sex.

Best, Ray

11 days

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    • She leaned over and kissed me with her mouth open, and took me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom.
      She sat on a chair and started removing her clothes, For the first time in 4 years, after my divorce, I found myself staring at a woman's pantied she lifted her legs out of her pantyhose! After 4 yrs I didn't think I'd ever see that again!

      Later....I still remember my amazement that she DID want me inside her - because she reached down, took hold of my penis and brought it to her very wet opening.
      I wasn't sure that maybe I had rushed things with her - as this was at the end of our first evening date!
      That was 32 yrs ago.
      Still infatuated with this girl!

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