Leaving my old life behind.

I dont really enjoy being a guy at all. I have fantasized for years about being a woman. I wish that I could wear cute skirts and dresses and high heels and then have sex with a hot guy with a big dick.

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  • Guys will never have the power of the puss no matter the extent they try. Now man up.

  • You should purchase the new do-it-yourself sex change kit. It includes a sharp knife to cut off your balls, a bone saw to hack off your undesired pecker, and a 1 1/2 inch drill bit to bore a hole through where you penis used to be. It also includes some tampons to shove up your newly formed virgina to stop the bleeding, some tylenol to help ease the pain, and a tube of siliconized latex caulk to inject into your hairy man-boobs to make them larger. This kit can be purchased at most hardware stores and costs a small fraction of what most "licensed doctors" will rip you off for.

  • Why can't you?

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