Have you ever wanted to sleep with a relative?

To this day I fantasize about sleeping with my uncle. another one is my stepdad and step brother. i cant help it they are all beautiful men.

11 days

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    • And how old are you?

    • 18
      Too old for you.

    • Yes. By about 3 years.

    • Be bold and connect with them in erotic ways and find whether anyone of them wants more. Then decide what to do.

    • My aunt Brenda is sexy and I had my sister before

    • I want to fuck my wifes sister in her ass

    • My wife’s sister

    • I did lol. Is your SIL hot?

    • Both my best friends daufgters

    • I fantasise about sleeping with my mom. She’s 65 now but still gets me erect.

    • I watched my sister get fingered in the straw maw. I think she was about 14 and cousin was about 17, and was a dumbfounded 12.
      My sister is a real ginger and seeing her pink mound with red pubes. He had her on his lap side ways, her panties and shorts down to her ankles, her shirt pulled up and he was kissing her breasts. What caught my attention and interest the most was her reaction to it all. Her head was back and the moans that were coming from her. Also how she was moving her hips, she certainly was enjoying all of the attention he was giving her.
      Looking back on it I'm certain that she had at least 2 orgasm.
      They didn't have sex, but they kissed a lot at the end, because that how I snuck away, as they were very preoccupied.

    • I always wanted to suck cock at someone's family reunion

    • Yes, I have been fantasizing and lusting after my step daughter for years.

    • I had 2 in my house. 22 and 18. They walked around half naked all day

    • When did you first realize you were attracted to her? Would it be hot for you to fool around when alone in the house?

    • How old is she

    • She is 22

    • Nice, do you smell her dirty panties

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