Trans isn't for me

I've been curious for years about hooking up with a tranny well i finally gave it a try and I was very disappointed. He looked cute in his pics but I got there and I could definitely tell it was a guy. He had some makeup on and dressed feminine but that was about it. I'm not gay so I was really expecting him to be super feminine just with a small penis. I'm honest with him and tell him I don't want to kiss I just want to hook up. He gets in doggy on the bed and I see his balls hanging and it just turned me off immediately. He's telling me to put it in, I can't get it in because I'm not even half hard. So he starts sucking me off, I enjoyed that while it lasted. He tries to ride me but again I'm not hard and his cock is literally laying on me. I tell him I'm just not feeling it and I have to go. I went back home and he keeps texting me wanting to try again so I finally blocked him. Totally not what I expected!

20 days

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    • The fuck did yiu think you'd see down there? The whole point of a trans is feminine look with dick to play with. I've had two experiences and both were exactly what I expected. It was weird the first time as it was my first cock. Second time was amazing and I swallowed so much cum... try again with more realistic expectations. She isn't gonna be 100% feminine. She's gonna have some resemblances of a man, hell she was one. Enjoy and better luck next time!

    • I don't want a dick to play with, I'm straight, i just wanted an easy hookup. He thought he was a girl but he wasnt.

    • Can't be same writer, you admitted first sentence you wanted to try. You just got cold feet and couldn't go through with it. Society has us programmed to not like certain things. I've always known and always had a hell of a good time once I learned to let down my inhabitions. I am not attracted to guys, but love cock. Trans women are the best of both worlds.

    • It's def the same writer, I wanted to try a tranny but not for the dick, I'm straight. Guys can pretend to be girls but they will never be a girl.

    • If a guy is straight it’s conditioning but if you’re gay its “born that way”. Can’t have it both ways. Porn makes it look like they’re chicks with dicks. This straight guy got a reality check. I’m all about trannies because I’m into men and women. Trannies are not women. They’re trannies. I’m cool with that but they’re definitely not for straight men.

    • I wanted to try a tranny because they're easy hook ups and didn't think the dick would bother me so much but it was a huge turn off. Pussy is so much better.

    • I agree it's better but the reward of cum shooting down the back of your throat is just as rewarding. I'm a cumaholic though. I started eating my own, then my wife's creampies, had her cuck me and just can't get enough. I am not attracted to men but I could guzzle a football stadium full of cum! I guess it's why some tyrannical do it for me. Look like women but have fresh cum for my cravings. I tried sucking off men not in drag but like you am not attracted to them. My buddies all know this and prepare me glasses full when we're all hanging out. Thry know I won't suck them so they take turns filling a glass up for me. So yummy!

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