Kind of in shock

My wife was always telling me I looked like a girl from behind. I have a girls ass. one day, home alone, I decided to try on some of her clothes. I loved it. I started to do it more. then I bought my own and a wig. then came the makeup. I could not stop. it felt so good. I felt so feminine and I loved it. I started to notice the cocks more when I watched porn. I met a guy on line and went to his house. he was so much bigger than me, and I loved the way I seemed like a girl to him. he took control and soon enough I had his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe it. the next day I was embarrassed. I said I will never do it again. eventually, I came to admit to myself I loved it. it felt so right being the girl. it was natural. a month later, I met him again. this confirmed it. I have no desire to sleep around, but the feelings of being a girl are so strong. I now think of being a woman. I seem to be getting more feminine everyday. I think of being with a man now. thoughts of women have faded away. an online therapist told me I am trans. I have remembered some things that were surpressed. I have not slept around, but I long to be in the arms of a man, who will take me as a woman. all this in a yr and a half

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  • I fell the same way and now have a male lover. a real man not a sissy like me

  • You are lucky

  • Damn. If my old lady told me I look like a woman, I'd punch her in the face then bend her over and dry fuck the shit out of her ass just to prove I am a man.

  • That is wonderful darling!!!! I am a 32 year old tranny, with two regular boyfriends who both love to have sex with me when I am dressed in silky lingerie. I live on my own and they are both living in my town in the UK. I even know their wives and it amuses me when I see them to think that they have no idea that their husbands are fucking me.

  • I have gone on a dating site dressed up and showing some pics. I have small tits to go with the girly ass. I get a lot of messages. it's crazy, everything from marriage proposals to gangbangs. scares me a little. seems to be a lot of men that want a girl like me. mostly for sex I know, but I was surprised at the volume. I have not met any of them. still trying to sort this out. therapist says I have to accept it. it won't go away. told me to start being a girl. even suggested I should go out and meet some men. it will help with the process she said.

  • Yes darling I completely understand how you feel, but preparation is essential. If you want to avoid ridicule do not dress as a male in ladies clothes!!!!! You must develop your female features, particularly the ones that show. The face and hair are the most important!! Shave and use hair removal so stubble doesn't show and choose your make-up carefully so it suits your complexion and is not plastered on. Nothing worse!!! Your hair should be naturally long not a wig if possible, but if you have to wear a wig then go to a specialist, but it will cost you.
    Once you have achieved a natural full feminine look and venture out in public you will experience an excitement like never before!!!!! You will be very nervous, but that heightens the excitement. You will not be able to control your erection, but if you wear a floaty skirt no-one will notice. You will feel your dress and silky slip wafting around your stocking clad legs and you will desperately want to masturbate, but you won't be able to as your in public, so the excitement continues to build!!!!
    The first time I was En-Femme in public I ejaculated without touching my penis and I was only about a thousand steps from my home, I turned around and strolled home as I was so wet. Don't choose shoes which are to high for you as you will stumble and fall. Practice walking as you will get better in time. Wedge heels are good and they are back in fashion.
    Be careful, you will find a boyfriend, I have two, Brian and James who are both Bi-Male and married, I know their wives, which is amusing to me as they have no idea what we get up to!

    Good luck to you and if you want to post me a reply as to how you are getting on, do so. I live in the UK.

  • Thanks for the great advice. I am looking to be feminine, not a drag queen. I want regular clothes and makeup.

  • That's best darling, as you want to have the experience of femininity without the tension of embarrassment. You will find it interesting also that on occasion you will have a woman flirt with you and that really is amusing!!!
    But, flirty men are best particularly if you are showing a nice pair of legs under a floaty short pleated chiffon skirt or dress. I remember being in a pub and this old guy sitting a few tables away reading his newspaper exposed his erect penis from under the table and shielded from others by his paper. I ended up at his place later being shagged by an eager retired gent. He was good at it, really sexy with an enormous cock, I thing he must have been on Viagra!!!!!!

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