I hate that the summer is coming and it's going to be too hot to wear pantyhose, because they are such an important part of getting in touch with my femininity, like they are a way of dealing with my gender dysphoria and something that I hate having to dispense with till the weather cools again.
I should probably get a whole body wax to tide me through, so that my legs--my thighs, especially--feel silky smooth till the fall. Body hair is so disgusting, but one gets lazy through the colder months and pantyhose make it all good.
I don't even have much hair happening, but I totally loathe seeing any, anywhere. Girls have it so easy in that department--well, most of them, anyway.
I definitely need a full-body wax, like yesterday, already. Unfortunately, where I live right now is way not sissy friendly, have to cross borders to be treated like a human, but, hey, I'm worth the expense.
I want a man to do the waxing and then to do whatever he wants with me, preferably a large Scandinavian called Sven, but a grubby alpha from anywhere would do, as long as he did me That would be delicious.

27 days

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    • I am a married cuckold sissy for my wife and I keep my body smooth all year I have no body hair at all. It feels so good when I pull up my thigh high stockings over my smooth legs. My wife won't let me look like a real man by growing hair on my body.

    • I’d suggest some nice colorful spandex shorts for the summer. At least enjoy the form fit feeling where you can.

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