JO to girlfriend's sexual past

Sometimes when drunk, my girlfriend will tell me about past sexual encounters, after I press her a bit. Some of those occasions included her dating a guy in his late 30s, when she was only 16. They met online, then started seeing each other in person.

It looked like an act of rebellion and maturity to her, but probably that guy was just exploiting her. She would lie to her parents about visiting friends and go visit him. He lived in a nearby town and would pay for her train ticket, then pick her up in his car.

It was that very first time they met, that she sucked his cock at the station's lot. She confessed it was the first time she swallowed a man's cum, at his insistence. I was told that after asking her how she got into swallowing. Then I pressed for more details, as her story made my cock twitch again.

It turns out he made her try and get used to a number of things. He was the first man to hold her down and spank her ass cheeks. The same day she was made to hold her ass spread for him, as he pushed his cock down her asshole. She is quite subservient sexually and he definitely took advantage of that. I keep jacking off my cock to the idea of her 16 yo body fucked by that guy. I came to the thought of her returning home one evening, her ass thoroughly spanked and fucked.

Somehow I wished she'd had more stories to tell. In my fantasies she's kept around for the weekend, taken advantage of and used as a fuck toy for him and his mates.

4 months ago


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    • Your really lucky to have such a naturally adventuresome lady. I think everyone here envies and admires you. I sure do!!!

    • It's wonderful to discover that you're dating a straight up freak when you had no idea! Many years ago I joined a new church and soon went out on a date arranged by some friends with a woman from the church. My expectations were reeeeeeeally low --- in fact I would have cancelled but could not reach her in time to do so --- but I went anyway. Went to pick her up and she told me she firmly believed in getting the first-date sexual tension and awkwardness out of the way by spending the entire first date fucking. So thats what we did. And it only got freakier (and better) from there. The bitch was the hottest POA in history. The relationship didn't last long (although that IS a long story), but she was unbelievably wild and indescribably filthy.

    • Not long ago I dated a forty-something tattooed blonde who had been a biker chick and had been passed around by her biker boyfriend's motorcycle gang for over four years before she finally got out and got a job away from that life. But the experience left her with certain sexual appetites, not only for kink and frequency, but group action, as well. The kink and frequency I could handle, but occasionally I had to let her meet with a group for multi-body activity, which kept her happy . . . . . until she met a guy with a massive package, and she left me for him, and they moved to California. My loss. Until then, she'd told me some things that she'd done with the gang, or that had been done TO her by them, beginning when she was in high school. I still masturbate thinking of some of those. So I sort of understand your vicarious enjoyment of your girl's younger days.

    • Although I drink alcohol on occasion, I have never smoked pot. Nearly all my friends smoke it, and most of my girlfriends had. Back before I got married, I was dating a much younger girl (23) who would smoke with my group of friends when we all got together. One night, as they were getting high, the conversation turned to pot-inspired sexual escapades, and my girlfriend let on about an episode from her high school days in which she, at the request of her MARRIED boyfriend, made herself available to a group of eight of his male friends during a smoke sesh, and explained how they all said how good she could suck dick. I knew she was trying to appear more mature and experienced than she really was, AND that she was likely about to be asked to display her skills to the group that night, so I took her by the hand and walked her out to our car and took her home. We never went out together again, because I couldn't take the risk of her embarrassing me in front of work colleagues or prospective clients. I wasn't embarrassed that night because my friends were all cool and understood what she was thinking, but I broke up with her later on. The sex was spectacular, but she couldn't tell when to speak and when to STFU. Your girl is clearly smarter than that, but who knows what really happens in the head of a young person these days . . . . . if, in fact, ANYTHING happens there. Just a slight warning.

    • I agree that what happens inside a young person's brain these days probably wouldn't even register as electrical activity. If the generation two before mine was the "greatest", then the one that just voted in their first presidential election HAS to qualify as "dumbest". They're having a good day if they get their shoes on the correct feet.

    • Two generations ago people thought smoking was good for your lungs and that Vietnam was a good idea

    • If you don't know something is a fact, don't state it as a fact. It Just makes you look ignorant.

    • God you're a bloody moron and wouldn't recognize a fact if it attached itself to your foreskin.

    • Maybe learn to discern the difference between a fact and your opinion, first. Then go on exposing yourself as a twat.

    • My gf is no longer 16 and I know she wasn't doing drugs, but she'd still do as that guy wanted when they met.

      It wouldn't be the best for her probably, but I have fantasized of her taken to a house party with adults and having a good share of alcohol. Then taken to one of the bedroom by her boyfriend and mates, to show what a good slut she was. Just typing this makes me hard, if she was to actually admit this happening I'd fuck her on the spot.

    • God yes! That is super sexy and delicious! Wow!!!!

    • Imagine her, small perky tits, slim waste and plump ass, in just her thong. Laying on a bed while 5 men twice her age or more, are in various states of undress, all with their cocks out.

      She's encouraged to show them how good she is and she's happy for their attention. The first time she holds a cock, then another at the same time, soon to be followed by licking and sucking all of them in turns. She's ecstatic but also overwhelmed, as her boyfriend soon pushes her on her stomach and enters her from behind. A strong slap on her ass, a firm pull of her hair and a second cock pushed down her throat give the signal.

      It all spirals from there. Two hours later and she's laying there, staring at the ceiling, bite and slap marks all over her body, the taste of cum coming up in her mouth, her pussy and ass so used that they will burn for a week straight. Can barely move, now known as the young fuck toy of that guy she thought was her boyfriend. And she knows it's gone too far, but she also takes the train to see him again next time he calls, this time in her school uniform, no underwear, as commanded. He's waiting for her at the station and he's not alone. She enters the car, sits in the back between the two older men and drive off, her life never the same again.

    • Spectacular scene! Incredibly hot and sensual!!! Well- done!!!!! Please write more!!!!!!!!

    • I agree............ More would be soooooooo great and is hereby requested

    • One of the guys rests his hand on her thigh, tugging at it, as if to pry her legs open. The other guy follows through, then she's sitting there, enduring their assault, as they remind her of how much fun they had with her, the last time. Their hands are feeling her thighs up, pushing her short skirt higher, until they can see her shaven pussy. They call her a little slut, who wants a good fucking, getting all the way there, dressed like that. It was true, she intended to be a slut, but just for him and he surrendered her to his friends.
      They arrive at his house. It's not long until she's passed on some cheap vodka and made to have a gulp. It's burning her insides but blunds her almost immediately.
      She doesn't realise how, but now she's standing in front of them, asked to pose, lift her skirt and dance for them. She finds herself spreading her cheeks, as if an animal to be inspected. Shame rises inside her, but it's soon drown with more alcohol and a few violent strikes by someone's belt.
      They laugh, someone has her face down against his cock, while she remains standing, ass up. The hard cock is forced down her throat. His hands grip her hair pinning her against him. She feels someone shoving this face in her behind, sniffing and licking the folds of her pussy, even wetting her tight asshole. It's sensory overload for her, as she waits for the inevitable first cock that will invade her.
      Instead she's brought to ride the one she was sucking and then, in just her bunched up skirt, has a second cock pushed against her ass. She cries that it's tight and it hurts, but the answer are some crude comments, laughter and a forceful push. She feels her insides expanding in ways she didn't think possible.
      It's after the first round, when she's sobbing on the couch, that she realises how much her holes had opened up. Cum is slowly running out of her, while she hears the guys joking around, some of their banter targeted to that little slut.

    • Oh yeah! please don't stop there ya gotta keep it going!

    • Her boyfriend cuddles her, trying to convince her that is adult fun, that everyone likes her and that she's doing great. She's held close to him, then feels hands feeling their way around her pussy. Two guys are fingering and rubbing her pussy, as her guy holds her tight and makes her have a few more swings from a bottle. It's strong, but it numbs her, making her more accepting to the men's attention. It's not long that she has a strong orgasm, while strange hands hold her down and force her open.
      Before even her orgasm subsides, she's stood up, her spoiled skirt removed. More drinks are given to her and she can barely stand properly now.
      She's carried over to the bedroom, put face down on the bed, then they take their time running a train on her. At their orders, she's made to shout obseneties and beg for a hard fucking. Everyone gets to have another go at her, some even opting to violate her ass, again. Though no longer an anal virgin, she's made to scream, one of the guys fucking her ass like he's on a mission to break her.
      Stuffed with 4 fresh loads, she's laying on the bed disoriented and hurt. She can't understand much of what's being discussed, but it sounds like the guys had
      their fill for now.

    • I love how she seems to want even more attention paid to her butt . . . . . . even tho its just for her first go . . . . . . . OMG! Say more : : :

    • OMMFG! You have a really serious gift for this style and content of writing!!! Holy Christ!!!!! Please write about her sitting in her classroom at school and feeling the fuck hunger rising up inside her little body and being unable to take her eyes off her Third Period science teacher and the bulge in front his pants, and wondering if he can smell her cunt creaming for him or hear her anus puckering and unpuckering for him with little kissing sounds! Goddamn!!!!

    • I enjoy writing, but this comment sounds more like some crap anime scene, than something I'd be interested in

    • Okay then #upthechute#

    • My wife asked about sex with 2 old girlfriends, she knew them both, the one she hated and loved hear how she would suck my dick if I took her to a ritzy place. And the other one we both sorta knew she sucked her boss's dick. She liked that girls and said a lot of girls suck bosses dicks, so don't judge. So I said did you ever suck boss' dick? She said sure, before we were married, not no more. "I was 22 and he looked like young Paul Newman, I'd suck it any time he wanted. It was fun, released stress. He'd take me to lunch on Fri and we'd fuck in his van all afternoon." She looks way young, she got carded till she was 35. "A cop caught us and didn't believe I was 22, he was ready cuff Bob, I showed him my license. then he High 5ed Bob. Like a was a fuck prize."

    • Yeah, that other dude was almost surely taking advantage of the situation, but we should acknowledge a few things: (1) he was educating her; (2) if it hadn't been him, it would have been somebody else, maybe somebody who would have hurt her; (3) he was making HER feel good, at the same time; (4) she had gone looking for a man, not a boy; and (5) it's a definite possibility that there were substantial feelings of actual love between those two people that we can't know or fathom. Sex is not always JUST sex. Anyway, thanks to this OP for sharing his story and hers.

    • Not sure if there was love involved, this only lasted for a few months. It was probably her being reckless, due to her home situation.

      Maybe this was her escapism, but it doesn't make it any less hot for me. Willing travelling to that older man's place, so she could get fucked senseless gets me going.

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