What should I do as a mom?

[M/s] Cuddle with son left me confused.

Me [36F] & my son [15] live together, and since I am divorced for few years, as a single mother I am more than normal involved, connected, open, & considerate mother towards my son.

Hugging, kisses on cheeks, humorous jokes, and even sometimes cuddling while talking before sleeping are normal things between us.

He recently broke up with his gf and we talked about it many times. It has been very hard for him to move on recently. We almost talked about it each day after dinner.

One night after dinner, we were going to sleep and he started talking about it and I starrted comforting him, I hugged him repeatedly and kissed on cheeks and forehead. And we slept after he calmed down.

During half awake, I noticed that he was trying to grab me by putting his firm grip around my belly, as i said cuddling was OK between us therefore I was not so surprised but he was so firm in his grip that my hips were touching his lower belly and I felt that he has an erection. I did not react to it rather starting thinking and observing whether he is in sleep or awake. And realised that he kissed on my shoulder and his warm breathing was hitting my neck.

I was very shocked by now but did not reaat at all. His fingers were moving on my lower belly, his hard cock tip was hitting my asscrack and his kisses increased.

Suddenly he stopped and got away from me. I did not understand how to handle it and what to do. But somewhere I liked his grip, I honestly felt like a woman being claimed by her man. But I don't how to react to it or should I react to it all or not.

28 days

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    • Next time in bed wear something real silky and lace that’s very accessible to you vagina. Then the next time you post your son will be a mother fucker like a lot boys are!

    • Tell him to quit talking about the one that left him as he needs a real woman instead, then give yourself to him!

    • You are his woman, he will claim you. You'll never feel more like a woman, than when he's inside you, pumping his seed. My Mother told me this long ago, that when a woman spreads her legs for a man and accepts his thrusting and his seed, her rapture as a woman is complete. Get yourself ready to take his seed.

    • Just let him have sex with. You didn’t react in a negative way, so deep down, you probably want it to happen. A lot of teenage boys want to be inside of mommy.

    • Teach him how to make love to a woman. His future wife and GFs will thank you for it. And you will enjoy the process

    • It is called incest. Let him fuck you. Suck his cock and tell us about it

    • Present your ass to him and let him fuck you! Then tell us all about it.

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