Jeanie ( not her real name ) no wait....but she wouldn't listen or wanted to listen she looked up at me and said i wan it and i want it now...
my daughters friend around the same age ....i realized the incredible influence she had on a man....i couldn't believe how she would give me an incredible erection without even trying...
This first time she came to use the pool i had to stay in the house and relief my self behind closed doors...after a few times she noticed it and would grin and smile....till i finally told her the affect she had on me...while my daughter was at ballet practice with my wife ....she came by to use the pool and this time she knelt in front of me reached up my shorts leg and tugged at my erection....i tried to object and stood up she took the opportunity to pull my shorts down and lunged at my erection with her mouth sucking so expertly i let her go i was surprised on how hard she got me ......just as i reached for her head and started to fuck her mouth she stopped and slapped her face with it..suck it some more i pleaded but she said nope and kept teasing me my balls were boiling to exploded ...but she stayed there and smiled and grinned ...after a few minutes of teasing me she stood up pulled her thong bikini down and sported a gorgeous lipless hairless pussy ..she aimed my cock to her pussy and slid down my entire shaft ( according to my wife it's a good thick 8 inches) like it was nothing i finally called no Jeanie she grabbed my face looked at me and simply said fuck me i need it i want it and i want it now..she rocked on top of me griding her clit on my stomach and taking the full length of my cock ...she went crazy when she had her orgasm and wanted it deeper but i couldn't get deeper on the sitting position but all of a sudden it finally ripped thru me i tried to pull her off but she wouldn't get off i shot more then a full load dep inside her young pussy just after i was done and got my composure she grinned and smiled got up from my limp cock and a river of cum dripped out of her pussy ....she spread her pussy and said nice load ....i was totally puzzled by it at her young age she wasn't worried about pregnancy nor could i figure out how does a girl her age is capable of taking a full adult cock and not squirm in pain but enjoy it and wanting more of it.... i had to find out how she could take it in different positions........every time i have sex with my wife i lift her legs up under my arm pits and i slam into her she grabs my head and tells me yeah baby drill for oil honey get in there and i slam as deep and hard as i can sometimes coating her uterus tube but sometimes she wants what she calls her anti aging vitamins and she gets quite a bit during the course of a month...she loves it when i hold a mirror to her pussy after we fuck so she can spread her gaped pussy and watch my cum drip out of pussy ...
t's been a very good few years for me...hopefully it will stay that way

26 days


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    • least until your daughter's friend blabs and it gets back to your wife. Then you're screwed

    • But until then he has young pussy.

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