Wonderful day

You know when you're having a real shitty day, and then something wonderful happens. Well that was my day three weeks ago.
My husband had shouted at me before he left for work. Something about his beer the previous night.
Then I walked out to find I had a flat tyre. I eventually got a neighbour to sort it for me, but it meant I was late for work.
My boss chewed me out for being late and gave me a terrible time all morning.
At lunch, because of my husband shouting at me about his fucking warm beer, and the flat tyre, I'd left my lunch in the fridge and not taken any money.
During the afternoon my sister phoned to say she was cancelling on me for a concert i was so looking forward to at the weekend, and then I got a reminder that I had a dentist appointment after work. Which meant getting caught in all the later traffic.
Anyway, I went to the appointment and was told my usual dentist was ill, and I'd be seeing another one. Only I'd have to wait and be her last client. Just great.
As soon as I got in the room with her, she and I clicked on a level I have never done before with anyone.
I don't know what fed the situation as I'd never been with a woman, but nevertheless we instantly hit it off.
I had my check up, but then once finished she had her junior assistant finish up and leave. As soon as she darted out, my stand in dentist stepped over and kissed me.
I returned the kiss, not understanding why, and just went with what seemed to be the most perfectly right emotional and sexual thing to do.
Within minutes we were kissing passionately and letting our hands roam all over each others breasts, and pussy mounds through our clothing.
Breaking off, she asked me if I had time. I nodded and watched her undress. Seeing her beautiful body, I quickly removed mine then she lead us into an adjoining room.
Inside was an old leather couch. By the time we reached it and lay next to each other, our bra's and knickers were on the floor.
I'd seen lots of sex films that showed lesbian sexual acts, but I'd never been near another woman's pussy. So to suddenly kissing her and feeling her hot wetness between her legs, I began to massage her clit. It felt so natural, so wonderful to be there with her. She was finger fucking me and it was so spontaneous and dirty. Moving apart, but still pleasuring each others sex, she asked me to make her orgasm. I thought she meant with my fingers, but she spun us about into a sixty nine on the couch. I froze, She didn't and buried her face and tongue into my wet folds. It felt utterly divine and I leaned forwards and tasted my first ever pussy. And then I devoured her.
Not thinking about anything but giving her total sexual ecstasy, and not caring about the crap day I'd had, I began to hump my pussy into her face. In turn she used her left hand to push my face deeper into her increasingly wet love nest.
Eating her pussy and having mine so expertly tongued, I felt my orgasm build and arched back as it powered through me. She licked and sucked on my pussy even harder, which made my face snap forwards back into her gorgeous folds.
I lapped at her with renewed effort and was rewarded within seconds as she shouted out, clumaxing all over my face.
Sexually exhausted, we moved back to become face to face and began kissing again.
Naked, kissing and gently caressing each other, we slowed our lust and eased apart. Asking me if I'd enjoyed myself, I told her she was my first. Smiling at me, she said "I know".
I was late home. My husband moaned at me about having to cook his own meal, and that his beer wasn't in the fridge, again.
I smiled at him, told him to put his own fucking beer in the fridge and text Melissa "Yes, join me for the concert, we'll stay over xxx".
The concert was good, but not as good as spending the night in a hotel with my new lover. A lover I've now been with for ten months.

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  • Did you two rim each other’s asshole’s?

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  • Dental porn? What the fuck

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