Wife's ex-lover passed

Recently a friend of ours passed. In truth, he couldn't keep his pants on and we think he's had affairs with many women. We have been open since 3 years after we married and getting the sense my wife was available, he was fucking her every week for some time until his wife found out. She telephoned me, screaming at me that my wife was fucking her husband. I was with a client at the time and he would have heard most of what she was shouting down the phone. I said I'd call her back and I did an hour later. I acted like I knew nothing about it. We also know that he fucked our adult daughter when she was 20 - it was my wife that figured this out and she asked him directly whether he'd had sex with her. We were not upset at this, despite the huge age difference, our daughter had clearly been well-experienced for some time already.
He and I remained friends though his wife was not going to be coming around for dinner again any time soon. I would love to have asked him about how he enjoyed fucking my wife and daughter but we never spoke of things like that, and he probably thought that I did not know anyway.
I remember when one French president died and his funeral was attended, of course by his wife, but also by a woman known to have had a long affair with him. Now we have to decide what to do. He was a friend; his wife now hates my wife. If I went to his funeral alone, people will question why my wife did not go also.
I am sure there will be a number of his conquests going to his funeral but his wife probably doesn't know everyone that he'd been fucking.
Does anyone have any useful experience or helpful comments?

28 days

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    • Similar story. I’d go. One of my wife “Girl Circle” husbands died recently. He was a good looking guy and all the wives and even young ladies thought he was hot. I know at one point when we were having problems, he “comforted” my wife. The “comforting” made it worse initially then she broke it off. She tells me every time she strays and said while she was telling him about our problems, crying, a “it will be ok hug” turned into a hug with an added - hand soothing her tit. When he came over I was gone, she was in he PJs. When he felt her nipple getting hard, it was game on. She was upset, occasionally crying, but he fucked her for two hours. This went on until she was afraid his wife would find out. Flash forward 2- years and were standing at his funeral. His wife looked so sexy in black. She told me she wanted to give me something of his and I need to keep it secret so other in the family wouldn’t know. When I did arrange to stop by, the memory that stands out is that of her great 45 year old tight body bent over. Her big tits still in a sexy bra, and I’m fucking her very tight pussy. She has on his favorite black thong, nicely pushed to the side. Her pussy was so wet and my thick cock so hard, no lube needed past her getting my cock wet with her mouth. I feel her pussy stretching from my cock pumping the hell out of her pussy. Thinking - Is this how he fucked my wife, comforted her. Judging from both of us having screaming “Os”, maybe. I like to watch my cock going in and out of a woman’s puss, seeing their tits swinging, even inside her bra. See his name tattooed just above her nice ass, made me think it was like being stamped MADE IN CHINA, but it wasn’t, she said he thought of her ass, Tits, and Pussy as his. So nice of him to share. You never know what might cum out of a funeral.

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